How do you accessorize/customize your LV?

  1. Although I have LV bags, I have never thought of tying scarves or putting any charms on the handles. After reading through various threads and seeing pictures, I would love to see more! If you have an LV bag that you personalize with charms, scarves and other things, I would love to see it and get ideas for my babies. Thanks!
  2. I don't. But lots of girls on here have some FABULOUS ideas with scarfs, charms, cles, etc.!!!:love:
  3. i do cute little cell phone strapy thingy.. those things that you hang on your sell phones... some of them are big.. perfect for bags.. and. cute key chains.. ^_^
  4. Since you asked I took some quick pics of my usual scarf combo.

    Shown is my Popincort with an inexpensive zebra bandana width scarf.


    It's tied around both handles and I can slide it if I want to grab items out of the bag.


    I also really adore scarves because I lift a side up and keep it between my hand and the vachetta which inhibits the sweat and dirt from my hands. It makes me feel a lot more confident in using a handheld vachetta piece.

    Excuse the poor lighting (since it's midnight here) and my LV being on a cat pedastal. :huh:
  5. i have a cerise bandana and silver aqua bandana that i tie to my abbesses from time to time to add some punch of color.

    also when i had a cles, attaching it to the outside was uber cute, but attaching my current panda cles is even cuter!
  6. mewlicious, your watermark is so cute! And I love how you wrote a "how-to" on adding a scarf. That's a great idea for the vachetta!

    frozen7313, I've thought of attaching a cles to the outside of a bag (like the vavin or luco) but I'm concerned about it getting yanked away by some unscrupulous people...have you ever had that scare?
  7. hey ya
    I personalized my LV speedy 30 by getting my initals heat stamped on it... but the scarf idea is SO cute!!!
  8. i had my manhattan gm heat stamped and i also like the idea with the scarf or the charms/cles.
  9. Hey i have Dior charms on my speedy. First i just had my Dior play one images.jpg
    but now i have this on one side and on the other the Dior Princess ring! Theyre sooo handy too because they have easy access mirrors and make up! ha! one's eyeshadow and the other is lipgloss! what else does a girl need hehe
    images0.jpg (The blue one
  10. I've said it before, but I love the way that looks :heart: :smile:

    I tie my orange perforated bandeau onto my Speedy and my Cabas Piano. Here is a photo of it tied to my Speedy. I'd also like to get a small charm or something to hang on my bag when I don't have a scarf tied to it. I like the idea of personalizing bags by adding something to them.

  11. I love your scarf too! I'd like to get some charms also, and I've been Googling them, but didn't come up with anything. I'm thinking Hermes has some leather charms/key rings in the shapes of animals and fruit. Hmm...I'll go post over in the Hermes forum.
  12. Sorry the pic is so small but here is my juicy couture charm on my cerises speedy

  13. The cherries are so cute! Did you get them off a Juicy bag, or can they be bought separately?
  14. I don't accessorize it because I don't have Epi black alma/speedy yet. I only plan to get some kind of twilly or bandeau if I get Epi bags in black. I don't think I can accessorize my monogram or damier line with scarf..Other girls did awesome things with their bags by using scarfs etc.