how do yall feel about business bags?


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Oct 10, 2005
Ive done a lil research since I need one. I've come up w/ Franklin Covey and Levenger being the top offerers.[/ATTACH][/ATTACH][/ATTACH][/ATTACH]
These are Levenger totes.


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MCM is bae!
Oct 10, 2005
BagLovingMom said:
That's funny, my boss was just showing me the red tote/briefcase, it is really, really nice, not bulky, a great size and the red is very pretty, it's a Levenger
Yeah I love that red one, but Im stuck between that and that blue suede Covey tote. Ive BEEN admiring that one for a while.:nuts:


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Jan 6, 2007
I have been on the hunt for a biz bag where I can easily access my laptop and zip lock bag full of make-up for my frequent air travels. While I appreciate the need for heightened security, it is annoying to have to unpack my laptop each time I check in through security - so easy access was of key importance to me.

I looked at Fossil - they carry several "executive" bags. I actually bought and then returned the Leather Tote ZB9669 (MFRP $138) - while it had a zippered compartment for the laptop, the rest of the bag was not zippered - and I was afraid of all of my stuff spilling out as it tipped over on the airport security belt - so that was returned.

I also looked at the Coakley Business class bags. While they were sturdy, and seemingly well designed, I found the zipper very hard to maneuver. You see, once you unzip the zipper from one compartment, it is supposed to be versatile enough to connect and zipper to another compartment - it's a bit hard to explain, but trust me, I tried 5 different bags and they were all extremely difficult to zipper. The sale lady was equally embarrassed at her inability to zipper the bag.

Finally, I went to Levenger. Their flag ship store is in south Florida, but you can order online at I tried severl bags out, and I have settled (for now) on the Levenger Forecaster. It is stream lined and sturdy, not bulky, and large enough to tote a laptop, a small book, PDA, cell phone, makeup bag, and some other junk (now that you know the contents of my bag!)

I hope this mini-editorial is somewhat helpful.