How do y'all feel about azur?

  1. I just got an illovo in damier ebene. Now i'm considering something from azur--but I think I would use it only in spring/summer.

    All you azur owners or previous owners, is it worth it? Do you love it/did not like it? Pros/cons?
  2. The Azur is absolutely gorgeous. Truly even more gorgeous IRL!!

    It's so pretty but for me light colored bags don't work. So I just live vicariously through everyone's wonderful azur pics!!
  3. love love love :heart: :heart: :heart:
  4. azur is beautiful.
    I have the keepall in azur which I use for car travel. I even spurged and bought the boite falcons in azur which i use as a beautiful case in the home.

    Get some azur !!! (if it speaks to you as it did me).
  5. I looove the azur!
    I have more light clothes so it matches more with what I wear than the ebene.
  6. I hesitated when it first came out.....I like the lightness of the color design, and I actually didn't think it was "blue"....

    I waited because I was not convinced it would look good after the honey-colored patina set in. There have been a few posts here with pics of Damier Azur bags that have developed beautiful patinas, so I finally bit the bullet and bought my first real Azur bag last week, and I love it.

    If you're unsure, why not try out a smaller item like a cles or mini pochette, and see how you feel about it......
  7. I have had Normal Damier before and I find it quite bland...just looks dark. But when I recieved a LV Damier azur cles from my RAOK Label addict I was so suprised because the Azur is NOTHING like the normal damier canvas, its so nice an walm. I :heart: it. Ive seen it in store before and liked it but never up close. The Cles in azur has made me want more...I would love a bag in the azur canvas :nuts:
  8. LoVe the azur line ! I have the Naviglio and a wallet and that's enough for now ! I prefer it to traditional damier, even for men. Damier Azur is a so fresh canvas ...
  9. It's like a newborn baby.:yahoo:
  10. I love my azur speedy. I really don't consider it a "light" color in a white or cream color. The "white" squares are more of a "dirty" white or cream (in a good way) color and it doesn't show dirt at all. I will use it through the fall and even in the winter with blues and tan. With the right outfit, it's a year round bag.
  11. i apologize first if i am making generalities, but I am through JFK Airport International Terminal 1 quite often. Since Azur came out, it seems from my observation that many many middle-eastern women carry the line.

    It seems to be a line that was created for warmer/hot/summer type places that might be interested in lighter colours.

    just my observation.

  12. No need to apologize, it is what it IS !!
    Vuitton's spring ads showed the Azur pieces being modeled in places like the South of France, near the French Riviera, so I'm not surprised it is popular in warmer climates....and that's just fine by me, because I live in the south, and I can use it most of the year !!
  13. I love my azur. I was apprehensive at first, but the more I use it, the more I love it.
  14. i haven't owned one yet but I'm still hoping to make the Speedy 25 a part of my collection.
  15. Love it as the colour looks so refreshing.