How Do We Think Post-Christmas WIll be?

  1. I know eBay was pushing their gift certificates this year. Do you think post-Christmas will see a surge in sales?
    I have a LOT of stuff to post and I'm wondering if starting auctions on Christmas day might be a good thing?

    Any opinions?
  2. Firstly HI twiggers!!:heart: With post Christmas sale almost everywhere else I'm not sure if it's a good time. But good luck with your sale!
  3. Yea...I have a ton of high end stuff to sell too! Shoulda made my decision to sell before Christmas LOL
  4. i am going to wait until the new year -- i'm counting on the ladies who didn't get what they wanted for xmas will be buying for themselves. slow year in general though -- must be th economy!
  5. I am waiting until the 2nd week of Jan. I figure everyone will be tired of store shopping for bargains by then and will settle back down infront of their computers with a blankie and hot cocoa.
  6. I listed some 600 items on the 10cents day : )
  7. ^^ Wish that I would have known about that. My mom just told me about it today. Apprently, she told my sister to call me and let me know, but the loser didn't do it!

    But anyway, I was thinking the same thing about waiting until after the new year and then posting a bunch.
  8. ^ i listed all my items during 10 cents listing day too...if they don't work out at least all the listings were made (since the first couple of weeks of Jan is normally busy at work)...and i wont lose too much on the listing fees! you may be able to catch those who couldn't find bargains during x'mas/post-x'mas sale and wants something for themselves! so far i've sold a few..
  9. I am looking on eBay for bargains these days.:graucho:
  10. I need to get off my behind and start posting my items for sale! At least I've gone through the house and identified everything LOL
  11. January will be a good time to list items since people will have gotten christmas money etc. and want to spend it. Post-Christmas was a little slow and alot of auctions went off really low (especially designer bags and accessories) or either didnt have buyers.

    I think Jan, Feb and march will be VERY good times to sell. :smile:
  12. I sold 11 things since Dec 24th. I listed some specials and 5 have bids on them. As long as they don't completely tank, I should be ok. Trying to clear out some dead wood that has been in my eBay store for a while.
  13. I'll keep my fingers crossed for everyone. I have to get off my tush and get things listed.

    However, my husband got an ebay gift card from a friend of ours this year, and that's the first time I've ever seen one. So, the people with those have to spend them on something. (He won't be buying handbags though.)