How do we know ....

  1. That BlueFly sells authentic Prada? I am playing Devil's Advocate here. The fakers have gotten extremely good. So, they probably bought an authentic bag from the boutique and ripped it apart to copy every detail. So, the fake would be copied to the last detail.

    The Prada boutique does not officially authenticate anything. I took my Fendi Spy to Saks over here and the lady told me it looked good, but she cannot officially authenticate anything. Same with Prada. If it was not purchased at Saks they cannot pull it up. Short of shipping the bag to Prada for cleaning (which will be a long time from purchase - by then some of these websites may have closed down), how can we be sure?

    So, how can we be sure that Jomashop, Net-A-Porter, StyleDrops or BlueFly are selling the real stuff?
  2. In truth, you can't be certain about NM, Saks or BG if you really want to split hairs. Those places aren't immune from the "bait & switch" game either. About the only 10000% reliable place to buy Prada is at Prada.

    The bottom line is if you know a real Prada, no fake is going to pass muster. You'll know it's a knock-off.
  3. i agree with prada psycho -- the brands of bags i love i know very well so i am confident that i would be able to spot a fake. and in that rare instance when i couldn't because the quality equalled that of the real thing (which i find hard to believe)? then i wouldn't be worrying about it and would just be enjoying my bag. but i'm not the type to fret and examine zippers under a magnifying glass. for those who are, then their only option is to buy at the boutiques.
  4. That's why I rely on these lovely ladies on tPF! ;) Everyone on here is so knowledgable and helpful!
  5. I agree with the posters above -- once you can hold it in your hands and look at the leather and workmanship, I'm pretty confident I can spot a fake Prada bag, even a great fake. I have a fake Fendi briefcase that was sold as the real thing -- as time went on I suspected it was fake (bought it in St. Martin duty free 20 years ago) and when I took pics and put it on the Fendi board, those gals immediately showed me how to be sure, then it was as plain as the nose on my face. It was just wishful thinking that it wasn't. I really already knew.
  6. I have purchased recently from BF and OS and have been 100% confident my Pradas are authentic. I agree with the others on spotting fakes and certainly coming here for questions.
    IF I was paranoid about getting fakes I wouldn't shop at any store BUT the Boutiques ..........
    BF, NAP & OS have security tags attached to their bags and there are no returns if these have been removed ..... on the other hand, I have seen bags returned to NM, Saks, Nordstrom with tags stuck in the pockets!!
  7. With alot of time invested in Prada products...I can pretty much tell a fake from afar.Its instinct.ANd The gals that have purchased from BF have all had authentic bags.
    The PF is great at authenticating if u need help..Post it in AUTH THIS thread and we can usually help u!
  8. I'm very happy to say that my white gauffre from Overstock (deal of the century for me) STILL has that rich, luxurious smell of lambskin -- after wearing it almost non-stop for about 3 weeks now! :yahoo: It's the smell for me first -- SMLELLS REAL, then everything else!