How do we know ....

  1. That Jomashop sells authentic Fendi? I am playing Devil's Advocate here. The fakers have gotten extremely good. So, they probably bought an authentic bag from the boutique and ripped it apart to copy every detail. So, the fake would also have the hologram tag, stamped serial number etc etc to the last detail.

    The Prada boutique does not officially authenticate anything. I took my Fendi Spy to Saks over here and the lady told me it looked good, but she cannot officially authenticate anything.

    So, how can we be sure that Jomashop, Net-A-Porter, StyleDrops or BlueFly are selling the real stuff?
  2. I don't know the answer to your question...other than the fact that fake bags inevitably have obvious inconsistencies, and many many tpf'ers have examined jomashop bags, compared them to department/fendi store-bought bags, and validated them.....
  3. IHAL -- How do we know this is an authentic and Real World...Maybe its like the MATRIX and we are all living an ILLUSION...:roflmfao::roflmfao::roflmfao:

    Wow! I sure spend a lotta time in this ILLUSION>>>:sweatdrop:
  4. Well according to Hindu scriptures the world is "MAAYA". An ILLUSION.;)
  5. When authentic looking bags start showing up at low prices all over the place, I will worry that someone has finally gotten it right. I don't believe that the fakers, if they did manage to pin down every detail, would for some reason only distribute their fake bags through one retailer. They'd be spreading those suckers all over the place.

    There are always tell-tale signs.
  6. Good Point!!

    To answer about the Fendis, I have examined the ones sold by Fendi & the ones from the "reliable" retail sellers (esp Joma & BF), many IRL ( I have an offensively large collection of them I somehow have accumulated...hmmm) and I can find no differences. So I would say, if they are extremely well done quality fakes...they are consistent with the Illusion of Actual pieces sold by FENDI.....:push:

    the MAAYA continues...:shrugs:

    HEY -- Hi LITI!!

  7. My zucca nappy Spy from Joma was authenticated by Liti in the "Authenticate This" thread of Fendi. There are pretty high marks for Joma in (mostly for watches). Has anyone gone thru My Poupette with a bag purchased from Joma?

    Also just found the BBB report on Jomashop -

    And on Bluefly
  8. Honestly, I think BagLady and I would do a better job thatn mypoupette anyway. I don't know of anyone who used them for Fendi anything.

    Hi BagLady-cherry corded spy went to the top of the tallest mountain in Wales today!
  9. Oh, and to echo BagLady, I did buy my gold spy from jomashop and it was completely consistent in every way with the gold spys I had seen in stores as well as my other spys that have been bought from authorized retailers.

    The only thing I really worry about with Jomashop is that someone might pull a bait and switch on them, since as far as I know they do not have any tagging system to prevent returns of fake bags, and I do not think their people who handle orders and returns are very knowledgeable about Fendi.
  10. Not only do I want that bag, I am now seriously jealous of it!! Sounds like a wonderful vacation! Have never been to Wales...:smile:
  11. I've often wondered the same thing. I'm too scared to buy from these places.
  12. Isnt Wales where they have that funny language?:biggrin: Like TYUREHJKHRDSHFE means "stop" or! I went there earlier this year on the way to Warwick, loved it!

    Anyway, back to bags..I'm completely paranoid about buying fakes as well, but after three bags from Joma I'd like to say that they're real. I'll *hopefully* be buying from them again, VERY happy with their service and prices. Lit makes good points, and theres the evidence from GyrlLayney. Joma has a :tup: from me!