How do we justify ou luxury handbags?

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  1. #1 Feb 2, 2009
    Last edited: Feb 2, 2009
    I've got the guilts about buying a lovely paddy:sweatdrop:. Its not a lack of money that is the problem, its the other things that could have been done with the money. Like I have friends who say that would probably pay their back to school costs, or my mum who reckons anything more then $200 for a handbag is label hunting.

    I notice a lot of people have multiple bags and are torn between them and other expenses, like saving for a house, weddings etc...

    How do I overcome my small town values to enjoy my hedonistic luxuries? (that I have earnt):shrugs:
  2. Doesn't your Paddy make you feel so happy? That is priceless.:yes:
  3. No, makes me feel bad. But I haven't taken her out for a spin yet - maybe that is the problem :yes:
  4. ^^
    agree with that!
  5. Have I come to the right place for unbiased help?....No....but I likey like:happydance:
  6. If you believe you've earned it and that you have all your other priorities in order than you really need not feel guilty. If its money that you should have spent on your family or house etc than that's a whole different issue, but I reckon its not the case.

    Buying your first expensive bag is always a little shocking and will lead to some guilt but I'm sure you will overcome that in time and as you carry her...

    Everyone spends their money one way or another and you have to set your own priorities....

    Most of my friends will never spend as much as I do on a bag, but they will spend the same amount of money on other material things they want....
  7. Woody, I'm having a similar issue :wondering. As I sit here and await my moka paddy to arrive, I'm having a hard time swallowing the cost. I've been addicted to Coach (and the price was more appropriate, but imo still a lot when you're addicted!). The way I can rationalize this one though is that I paid fp for a Coach and returned her a few weeks later because I just couldn't spend fp. With that returned money, I could afford my Chloe. I don't know what I'll do about the rest of the paddies that I want...:blush:
  8. Oh Vivi1205 - I hear ya :drinks:I think it might be the additional bags I have in mind that are troubling me. I have an agreed discretionary spending budget that allows me to buy what I want but I usually just waste it on 'stuff'. My I don't think my hubby would have ever agreed to me spending this much on a bag. I also hate paying full price for anything. I would have done the same thing as you:yes:

    Monya - I just wish my husband splashed out once in a while but he never does (to justify my purchases). He just doesn't want for anything. He likes wine but he doesn't even go over the top with that - never more then $50 a bottle. He always likes it when we go out and people comment on nice jewellery I have, or a nice outfit though. I think he would like to have is cake and eat it to!:blah:
  9. Great post, Mona:tup:. ITA! As for me, I don't feel guilty because some of my friends' blings are more expensive than my entire bag collection, lol. I prefer to wear simulated blings and spend my $$ on authentic bags.
  10. Woody - I'm here in Aus too, and my bag spending has sort of evolved in the last few years... I started with buying some decent leather bags from witchery, which sort of got out of control... then got some mimco... and then decided that I had so many of them that I could probably sell them off and get a decent designer bag... which led to another and then another... I have reached what I feel is my maximum spend capacity for a bag and just can't bring myself to go higher...

    My husband has a boat, which is his toy, and a good chunk of money that sits in front of my house the majority of the time not getting used. With the boat goes the fishing gear, and expenses... etc Everyone has their "thing"...

    My bags are something I use everyday and get a lot of joy out of, I see them as assets as well that could be liquidated again, if necessary or to fund different bags...

    Everyone spends their money differently... if you aren't being irresponsible - then you should enjoy the things you buy (paddington)!

    Congrats on your first lovely chloe!!!
  11. To justify, I use the old cost per wear trick.
    For me, if it’s an item of good quality, about $10 per wear is pretty good. More, of course, is even better.
    To justify my Chloe grenat patent leather Betty, I am doing something that probably seems quite odd to most of you.
    I’m not laybying because I think each time I do a transaction I’ll be hit with a conversion fee from my bank.
    I’m buying it outright on credit, but when it gets here it will live in my house for eight weeks (so it’s like paying it off $100 per week}.
    Meanwhile, each week I will put $100 into my long term savings account. I will also spend no more than $20 on non-essentials per week during this eight week period.
    Once it’s “paid off”, I’ll be able to take it out and I’ll have over $800 in savings. While it’s being paid off I’ll be able to use other bags, including my Mulberry which needs 31 more uses until it’s $10 per wear.
    Yes, I probably sound like a nut. But this is the best way for me to get the bag I want and also moderate my spending.
  12. Yep, that post made me giggle! :roflmfao: Sounds like you have been around this mulberry tree before! But agree on transaction fees - somehow I incurred a $70 international transaction fee fo my paddy which I really resent!
  13. Oh if only my hubby had a boat. I made him buy a great car to celebrate a career milestone but I had to force him to do it! I'd love to be married to a spender!

    Yes I am worried about how this habit is going to involve. It seems most people don't just have 1 designer bag...

    Love the liquidation angle ;). And some bags are actually appreciating assets!

    I think my limit is $1500 but $1000 makes me MUCH happier!

  14. It was from Anns Fabulous Finds