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  1. I find myself really disliking this bag- maybe it's just me but "rolling duffle bag" and "Louis Vuitton" don't seem to mesh well together (for anyone who hasn't seen it it's the first bag under Monogram Luggage on Not that I'm against rolling bags (I love the Pegase) but this one looks downright homely.
  2. Well, I gotta be honest....I wish that I had the funds right now to spend on a piece of LV luggage. I just don't use it enough though. But if I did....I wouldn't care if it "rolled", "strolled", or "bowled"!!! LOL!!!
  3. I like it i wish i had the money to buy it.
  4. ummm.... not really liking the hybrid:weird:
  5. i haven't seen it in person yet so i dont really know. but from the pictures i've seen i guess its nice.
  6. It's ok..would definitely take a load off while traveling. I often wished there was something else besides the Pegase that rolled.
  7. I kind of like it.
    It is practical, and since I can not afford a porter to manage LV hardcases and hatcases etc etc, I'll be rolling it on my own.
    I have the Pegase60 but I might have considered this had it been around last fall.
  8. Have to see IRL...
  9. It looks okay to me, but taking luggage that expensive to the airport sort of scares me.
  10. I like to get a carry all but maybe I need one of these with rollers so that my dh stops complaining about bringing my carry on duffle bag.
  11. I think it looks like one of those fake knockoffs...but that's just my opinion
  12. That's funny! I just posted about this piece a few days ago. It seems that most people don't like it. I really like it. It's something different, not a keepall or a pegase. I look forward to seeing it in real life. I am curious as to how it's made.
  13. It's okay, not something I would rush out to buy though.
  14. It looks ok to me too... I have to see it IRL though.
  15. Honestly, if it's veeeery functional, it's worth it, but it's not the prettiest thing LV put out.