How do we feel about eel?

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  1. It is certainly no python, but how do we feel about eel?

    I've never seen this skin IRL, so I'm not sure if pictures (like the Decolletes on bay) are doing it any justice--in texture and appearance.

    Also, if anybody has it, how is the stretch factor? Does it give like kid, like suede, or less so like patent?
  2. I have EELskin (but Jimmy Choo) black heels.They r my alltime fave shoes.....they do stretch a tiny bit....but not much.Ive worn them in rain even.They are SUPER COMFY!
  3. I like it from the pictures, but like you I've never seen them IRL. The red eel decolltes that are always on ebay look beautiful.
  4. I have had an eel clutch and seen shoes in person. I like it! It's is a very smooth skin. It is a classic I do not think you could go wrong with eel shoes. It also has a distinct look.
  5. It gives the shoes an insteresting texture...I like the look of them.
  6. i have a eel wallet and it's gorgeous! very smooth and kind of silky. because of the "streakiness" (for lack of better words) the wallet/shoe gets another dimension. I would really love a pair of eel heels (hihi)
  7. wow they are really cool, when i read eel i was like thinking something awful but after searching for some pics they look really great. i would like to see them irl. i like them because i like simple shoes i dont know if i could pull off python but these are like unusual but simple imo.
  8. I was thinking it wasn't one of my top choices for a meal.... ;D
  9. :lol:
  10. Some reference pictures...
    (from bay's NGG)


    (from bay's trenduet)

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  11. Dolce makes great eel shoes, and I think a few bags as well, every fall. I love it. It's edgy, but chic, and good for all kinds of weather.
  12. i think the design is sleek!
  13. I've seen the Ecru/Bone color IRL and I like them. I even love them in all the shoes you posted. Can't help you with the stretch factor....I don't own any CL eel.
  14. I like them! I wish a pair would pop up in my size!
  15. I like them, but I still prefer python in general. They are pretty though!