How do we disinfect our handbags and wallets?

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  1. I live in a new epicentre for this awful virus. So, I am trying to basically drown the virus in soap and hot water every time I go outside. Some strong alcohol might also be involved :biggrin: Involving external and internal applications. Huh. :biggrin:

    But what do you do with your handbags and wallets? How do we disinfect them effectively? Any ideas? Would 80% rubbing alcohol be safe on Hermes leather?
  2. I would just leave the good stuff at home. I am basically wearing things that can be washed. Or sucks but it’s probably safest.
  3. I'm not sure I would try alcohol on any Hermes leather
    Perhaps Docride in one of her threads might have addressed this subject . Perhaps do a search
    Many of the H stores are closed but I am going to text my SA as you propose an interesting question that
    hopefully will be answered
  4. don't use alcohol on leather. you'll strip it.
  5. You cannot use rubbing alcohol on your bags. It can even melt phone covers (my sister tried it on her phone covers).
    I quarantine my Evie, my one scarf (which I still need to stay warm to walk my pups), my wallet, my coat and my phone as dirty in one corner of my house. If I touch any of those objects, I have to wash my hands.
  6. I disinfect my phone everyday with 80% alcohol. Same for headphones. They are all still working at this point. Not sure if it lasts...My dogs' feet get wiped off every time we're outside. I spray-disinfect every door handle and every light switch. But who knows...I have just retired my croc wallets entirely. I guess, I will have to put my handbags in storage too...

    Things are getting serious here. No face masks anywhere. I've just paid eur 30 for 1 liter rubbing alcohol (80%) disinfectant. On the other hand, parks are full, playgrounds are packed. Maybe the sauerkraut is keeping everyone healthy but I cannot rub it all over my Birkins, can I? :biggrin:
  7. Don't use alcohol on leather!!! I think @meowlett approach is the safest and i hope these kinds of threads don't 'inspire' people to do things that risk ruining their bags such as putting rubbing alcohol or anything other than approved leather products on their bags. No offence to OP.
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  8. Who's touching your bag but you? You're disinfected, right? Hands washed and sanitized? Credit cards cleaned off if anyone else touched them? No one sneezing on your bag?
    You could run a Lexol wipe over the bag if you really want but alcohol? (I concur with internal alcohol use :biggrin:).
  9. hahaha.
  10. Stay safe and well @MaryAndDogs.

    I rinse my phone under my faucet and wipe it down too. But it is still classified as dirty. It is no big deal for any of us here to replace a phone.
  11. Leather is porous, so you can’t fully disinfect it, plus disinfectants like alcohol would be bad for the leather. Probably best to wrap handles in twillies.

    A thought I had was maybe UV light? But I don’t know if that would cause damage to the color do the leather with the light.
  12. How about disinfecting leather gloves? Or is it best not to wear them...?
  13. Don't use any disinfectant on leather. It can't take it. If you believe they have been contaminated put them aside for a couple of weeks. The longest I've heard of anyone saying the Covid-19 virus can live on a surface is eight days.
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  14. UV light will kill virus, bacteria, mold etc... but I don’t have a UV light laying around lol although I wish I did!!! Buuuuut the sun’s Natural rays will kill it too!! So if you have some sun maybe put your things out for an hour... (no more because long term sun on handbags may be a no no?) but the sun will kill everything.
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  15. No disinfectant on leather including your wallet and remember also to wipe your car key and steering wheel.
    if I need to go out I’m using a free gift makeup pouch for id and cards and putting that in my hoodie.
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