How do we all feel about Monogram Vernis?

  1. Hi all,

    How do you all feel about the Monogram Vernis line? Do many of you have something from this line? How does it wear? What is the upkeep? I would really like to get a bag from this line to round out my collection this far. What do you all think? Thanks!!!
  2. i like the vernis line but would only get small items like key holder or wallet. i don't like it as a big item because it's too shiny!!!
  3. I only have the Framboise Tresor wallet from this line but really love it! I don't have any of their bags
  4. Vernis is my favorite line from LV. Its not as delicate as many will lead you to believe. You do have to mind it more than canvas, epi, but its not that difficult to upkeep and you will have a beautiful vernis piece! I have the key cles and its been used everyday and in and out of purses...I get good use out of it! I love vernis because of the bright colors. If you are uneasy, I agree with sma11cat; start small!
  5. I love it. I want a Framboise handbag, but it isn't high on my wish list now.
  6. So funny that you'd mention it because I was drooling over this beauty last night! ;) I don't have anything from the vernis line either and was thinking about getting one to add to my collection... but I do want to ask all of you who do have one -- do they hold up? I've heard some stories about discoloration in the lighter colors.

    Also, this picture is taken from eLux and they had this model in this and a white color called pearl or something... do any of you know if it comes in other colors as well?
  7. My favourite line is Vernis (Marshmallow and Neon from Robert Wilson) and Epi Mandarine.

    And the new Monogramm Perfo line I like too.
    The speedy an the pochette in fuchsia and orange are really very lovely so that I still don't dare to use them ;)
  8. I have a Spring Street, Mott, and Thompson Street. I'm just very careful to store them in their sleeper bags and keep them out of the heat.
  9. I love the vernis line. The bag posted is the Roxbury and it comes in Indigo, Noisette (color pictured) and Indigo. Vernis is not as delicate as some think. You can just wipe off anything that gets on except say ink. I would be very carful with pens around it. Other than that, they are quite sturdy.
  10. I've been hearing things about heat and rain and even snow, I haven't heard of this before. Can these things damage certain bags? Do you guys know which ones?? Thanks!!!!
  11. Would love to have the French wallet in white (ha ha, it is to die for !). Someone mentioned about color transfer and the material being porous, so that got me all worried.
  12. i always WANT it.. but when it boils down to it when I buy.. i never do.. i always buy monogram or multicolor.
  13. My two favorite lines are epi and vernis. I love all the fabulous colors and styles in the vernis line - it is easy to carry and does not "scream" LV.
  14. I am not a fan of the line, but HOPEFULLY one day I will change my mind.:biggrin:
  15. I LOVE The Vernis!

    ^The Robert Wilson Bags Are Gorgeous...I Really Wish I Had Purchased One.