how do u think? speedy 30 or 35?

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  1. So as u all know, from the previous thread..i'm struggling to sell my speedy 25 reason cos of the handle which is turned quite dark (i bought it frm ebay few months back), but i put it up on sale now on yahoo auction, while it's in the listing, i intend to get a mono speedy..again!! but preferably not in size 25 as i found it quite small for me

    just wondering which speedy size would fit me best? currently i already have damier speedy 30 so i'm considering to get mono speedy 35 cos I'm quite a systematic person that my thought is no point of having both mono and damier speedy 30 as in I'll be confused to pick which or which everytime i go out...or should i keep on buying mono speedy 30? or another 25?(urgh..)

    I'm 160 cm tall and 48kg...please help me out guys:angel: thank you so much:heart:
  2. I would say 30 is good everyday bag, unless u like big bags....but 35 will definitely make a statement here in Singapore becos 30 is more common...i have both 30 and 35, and i love both! :heart:
  3. aaah:wtf: u have the pic of both? how much currently the speedy 35 in SGD? I like big bags...but i'm afraid 35 will be a lil too big comparing from my height and weight!!:yucky:
  4. i think speedy 30 will do fine
  5. If you like big bags you should get a 35, if not get a 30. I think both will look good on you.
  6. I love my 35.
  7. as u all see that my height is only 1,6 u think 35 is too big or just nice for me?
  8. who regret having a 35? and why? hee hee:whistle:
  9. r u goin to buy it in a store?
    can u try on both? because honestly i think even 2 people with the same height and weight will look different carrying the same size of bag.
    the proportion of ur lower and upper body can make the difference, also the way u dressed and stuffs.

    i'm also 160 and 40 kg but i always opt for bigger bags, so i think u can't go wrong with either 30. 35 or even 25.
    big bags suit my proportion and my taste of style.

    but one of my consideration with arm bag like the speedy is, i'm not too comfortable with arm bags and i tend to fill my bags no matter how big they are. and a 35 will be a burden to my arms when it's filled which in my case is almost a sure thing LOL
  10. Personally, if I already had a Speedy 30 in Damier .... I'd get the Speedy 35 in Mono just to mix things up a bit.
  11. I like the 30. Which one are you getting?
  12. it may help too trying the 30 and 35 in the boutique to see the difference, one of the factors that sold me on the 35 was that if i were to stuff it, it wouldn't look boxy whereas if you stuff the 30 boxy. I really like the sag effect.

    i like my mono 35 for a couple of reasons:
    1) i like the casual look of the sag
    2) I can fit a lot of stuff in it and it doesn't look too boxy (I hate the boxy look)
    3) 35 is easier to open up than the 30...IMO.

    here's a couple of pics.

    i added the azur 30 in so you can see the size difference. I really do prefer the 35 more than the 30.
    the only thing I like about the 30 is that b/c it's smaller it doesn't get in the way when you're shopping as much as the 35, but it's all a matter of getting used to.

    good luck.

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  13. it's a tough decision!!lol :sweatdrop:
  14. I think the 30 :biggrin:
  15. 30!!