How do u spot a fake celine?

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  1. Before jumping big Celine black hole I was stuck with my lv world
    I can easily tell if a lv is fake or real but come to Celine I have no idea!
    Now just join big Celine family I wanna know how to spot a fake Celine ?
    Thanks alot !!!
  2. Just like any designer bag, there are multiple things to look at when confirming authenticity. Some fakes are easy to spot while others are more difficult. It's always best to learn as much as you possibly can about a designer and the style(s) you might be interested in purchasing. Try to see the bags in person if possible and familiarize yourself with the shape and weight, the color and size, and leather texture. Study the hardware and any season/date codes or tags. Check the Celine website and these boards and learn what colors/styles belong to each season. If you learned how to spot a fake LV, I'm sure it won't be long before you can spot a fake Celine!

    Because this is a public forum open to everyone and anyone, we don't reveal the specifics about what makes a designer bag real or fake. There are lurkers amongst us, and making that information public could be used to improve the quality of the fakes!

    If you have any doubts or questions about the authenticity of a specific bag, you should post it in the Authenticate This thread . There are numerous people here who are educated in Celine and can help you determine if the bag you're interested in is real or fake!;)

  3. yes agreeeee!!!!!
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.