How do u pronounce ........

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  1. Balenciaga ??

    as i know its Balenshayag << but yesterday i was in Harvey Nichols and the SA said BalenSiaga :weird:
  2. I say Balensiaga. I just thought it was pronounced like that - never heard anyone else say it.
  3. oh .. i heard some say it with SH some with S
  4. I pronounce it as BA-LEN-SI-A-GA.
  5. I believe he's Spanish, right? In which case, this would be the correct pronunciation.
  6. it's Balen-see-aga
  7. bal-lan-see-ah-gah
  8. I say it "Bal-en-ci-A-ga', whilst my friend says 'Bal-en-ci-AH-ga'
  9. Someone from Spain said it's actually Ba-len-thee-a-ga because Cristobal was from the Basque region and they don't speak "standard" (castillean?) Spanish there. Anyone else heard this?
  10. Ba-len-see-aga
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