How do u know when the next price increase will be?

  1. Because I'm on a purse ban until March 2007, but I'm worried that they might increase their prices again by then! :cursing:
  2. This year it was in Feb and not too sure about next year..
  3. Thanks! Do the SA's warn you about it ahead of time?
  4. It's so crazy that we are expecting price increase such a norm..I really hope no price increase again
  5. ^^ me too..
  6. Normally I found it from Pfers big hush.. hush and confiRmed by my SA..:cursing:
  7. i'm not too familiar w/ lv, so why do they increase their prices?
  8. So it would usually be posted here? Just cuz if I knew there would be a price increase coming up soon, I'd be like, Screw the purse ban, I'm getting it now!! :lol: :P
  9. oh yeah i'm sure we'll hear about it here before it happens...
  10. This scares me too...guess I'll have to resort to ebay if things get worse.
  11. would you suggest buying a bag before xmas? i was going to wait till after xmas to buy a LV bag...
  12. I thought that there was usually a price increase around Christmas (usually before Christmas). I could be wrong though. :shrugs:
  13. It probably has something to do with whether the dollar fluctuates much against the Euro as to when the US prices go up.
  14. I was told by my SA that YES it is in accordance to the power of the Euro...
  15. My SA told me that if there is an increase, its most likely Feb 07