How do u girl manage yr finances...when it comes to purchasing lot of chanel bags??

  1. Lot of PF members here seems to buying bag after bag. Are u girls millionaire or what:p . Hope I don't sound like I'm probing:p ..I just wonder how u girls manage yr finances & seems like u have load of cash to spare:graucho:
    No mortagages/no children tuition fees etc...??
    Maybe u girls would like to share yr tips on managing yr finances...e.g take out a loan on yr housing equity (or rather do a get extra spare cash to spend or????
  2. I use my expense checks-when I get reimbursed its usually a good amount so I use that so I don't feel it or touch my savings for my real bills. This way, DH also doesn't catch on....
  3. JFusion,

    Please forgive my ignorance. May I know what expense checks is. I live in HK instead of USA, I just wonder I have any equivalence in my place of what you've mentioned.

    So far I still do not put myself in debt, but I really want to hide my finance from my hubby. Can you teach me how?

    Many thanks!!!

    Wow! you wake so early ar!!!


  4. Im not married, I have a bf . I pay all of my bills then what ever is left over , I buy what I want. I can only get one thing so I pick and choose what I really want. I wish I could get all of the bags I want , but I cant at this time. I cant wait for the day I hide my bags from my hubby, lol.
  5. I sell my older purses to finance new ones, and save a little from each paycheck to add to the amount.
  6. I just bought my first chanel and I saved some money from Christmas and saved $100 per week. By the time April came I had $2,000. Now I'm thinking I can still save some money and then ask my husband to split the cost of a new handbag for my birthday.
  7. not married, but have been dating steady for 2.5 yrs. i should be in a ban now since i've spent in the 5 digits for shoes and bags in less than a year. but i just manage to buy 1 bag a mo and pay off the CC entirely at the end of the mo. Plus Saks has great incentives to buy like the EGC events it's hard not to buy the bag you've been drooling over and have $300 GC to spend on clothes and makeup lateron!
    i have no college debts, no mortgages yet as my job will be a little mobile in the next couple years, though saving up for a sportscar. another reason to cut down on the bag purchases. after i get my 225 dark silver reissue next week. i'm done!
  8. i save a certain amount every month when i get enough i buy a bag
  9. I think it's a combination of saving and splurging and "extra revenues". For example, I treated myself lately as I got a cheque for helping to author part of a text on top of my regular salary and outside my regular job.

    For me - it kinda comes and goes in waves.. so sometimes you're buying more, but sometimes I'm just admiring and living vicariously through all YOUR lovely purchases! :biggrin:
  10. I try to save for something I will really love. Well, that and I don't spend on other things. I am trying to purchase only what I think I will love 5 years from now. That cuts way into impulse buying...that and staying away from stores.
  11. I spend the interest generated from fixed-income instruments on my bags.

  12. 2nd, that's what I do as well. PS - love your avator and user name! I loved that episode! :p
  13. Thank you! One of my favorite episodes - also known as the "Dolores!" eppie!
  14. OMG!! Don't ask me. I am very bad when it comes to Chanel. Oh Chanel, I hate you for being expensive but love you for being so pretty.;)
  15. That's what I do too :yes: