how do u find out what your ebay restiction is?

  1. Hi all-- I want to list 2 chanel bags on eBay, before I do so I know some of the issues people have had selling. How do i know what my restrictions are? are they in my account somewhere, or do I need to do LIVE CHAT? I have reciepts, tags etc for both chanel bags so im hoping they wont take them down. anyone know how I can check? I know some people can sell 1 item per 7 days or something to that effect! Please let me know
  2. sadly, there's absolutely nothing you can do to find out exactly what your restrictions are :hysteric:...e-bay intentionally refuses to tell anyone as a way of trying to keep the scammers from getting around their new rules...before i got suspended, i tried everything (several live chats & e-mails) to no avail :sad:...i was only a bronze level powerseller, so there wasn't any phone # to call either...those are only reserved for silver, gold & platinum sellers...if i were you, i wouldn't list your 2 chanel bags, because i've heard they're targeting chanel sellers the most of all :push:
  3. I have two accounts on eBay - one for buying and one for selling. I discovered that my buying account is restricted to zero big name bags/shoes (meaning I can't list any) because I only have 3 feedback on it (I was trying to get to 10 feedback to post on the eBay message boards). So if you have never listed before you may not be able to list your Chanels.
  4. When my account was restricted I found out when I tried to list an item, when I was ready to submit it told me to go back & take out shipping to far East. Then I found out about the Lv items when again I was ready to submit & it said you have exceeded items allowed in 7 days. So I guess you just have to try to list but be very careful with Chanel they pull auctions all the time, they really do not want their items on ebay. I just don't buy Chanel to sell, not worth it.
  5. Forgot to say that the review time for me was very quick just 24 hours & I was back to normal but I was lucky being platinum powerseller I had an account manager who got it sorted very quickly but once they are sure that you are selling authentic you should be ok
  6. I contacted live help and sent an e-mail and my restrictions were lifted, but the e-mail said any future violations would get me restricted again. The implication was that I had previous violations (which I have not), but I decided to let it go.

    Actually, EBay should hire some better communicators because their written materials are unclear. I have a feeling their public communications department is quite weak for such a large company.
  7. I managed to do this too, although I was not a powerseller, so it took me several weeks.
  8. What the..?? I had no idea they could do that! I thought as long as I could prove the item was authentic everything was fair game.... I'm really worried now because I'm putting a bunch of my purses and accessories up for sale (10 items total) and they're all high end bags. I managed to list 2 Pradas and a LV bag last night and planned to do the rest today.

    I've sold before, but only here and there, never so many at once. I just hit my 100 feedback mark (all positive), so should I be worried?
  9. Hi, I've posted this link on another thread, but I was referred to this article on one of Ebay's Answer Center boards: eBay Rolls out Major Initiative to Fight Counterfeits
    It looks like there are certain things to avoid when listing high end items (shipping to the Far East, becoming Paypal verified, avoiding 1 and 3 day auctions) but the biggest question - what items are limited & how many, is being safely guarded by ebay.

    I hope you have some more luck finding out - and let us know if you do!
  10. Sea -- I have almost 600 positive feedbacks and they still limited me, so who knows what their threshold is.
  11. Ebay just plain :censor: me off sometimes! I can barely stand buying there as it is. From what I read I should be in the clear for now, I just worry that my ebay activity only reflects about a year or so of high end buying, so who's to know where I got all this stuff. I was amazed that I dug up authentication cards for my prada pieces, there's no way I have receipts for everything. I can barely remember how long I've had them!
  12. You are restricted to 7 items per week during account review after that when they are happy you are selling authentic bags there are no restrictions on numbers of items you want to list
  13. Ebay have not stopped me listing because I was offering Western Union as a method of payment. I removed it from my listing & they are still saying listing denied as I am offering it gggrrrrrrrr!!!!!!
  14. there's NO selling or soliciting here, not via private messaging either, no links to ebay or posting eBay IDs
  15. Sorry this message should have read " ebay have now not not" :smile:
    It's all sorted now anyway something wrong with the system they said.