How do those of you who own expensive items store them?

  1. The other thread (re: expensive items of clothing) got me wondering... how do those of you who own beautiful, costly garments store them? Do you simply hang them? Or would box them? And what sort of hanger or box would you use? Basically, I'm just wondering... what would a person do, if faced with storing such an item?
  2. My mother owns a couple of beautifull pieces and she always hangs them. She makes sure it's a good hanger ( a wide, wooden one) because she doesn't want marks from where the garment was on the hanger.
    She also has a couple of bags that go over the clothes, while they are hanging in the closet. If you own beautifull white pieces that you don't wear often, you have to make sure you clean them from time to time, they get a little yellowish...

    (I'm sorry for all the spelling mistakes I have made, don't even know if "hanger" is a word :shame: )
  3. Now I'm worried, I have a white shearling coat that was very pricey, I hope I didn't make a mistake in buying it. I don't know if It can even be cleaned. It's on a wide hanger with a bag over it (to avoid any color transfer)
  4. I guess it depends on the item. I tend to prefer to fold and store my nice sweaters in fabric box storage bins with a bit of cedar to keep any moths away. Anything silk I hang on a lingerie hanger or a velvet hanger. I store my wool or cashmere coats in a garment bag when they aren't in season. I love stores like the Container Store, they have tons of nice garment storage ideas.
  5. I love the Container Store TOOO!!
    You can find great boxes, hanger, etc for the closet!! They even have great closets to put together if you are settling into your home.
  6. Thanks, all! This is going to sound woefully ignorant, but what's the difference between a lingerie hanger and a regular hanger?
  7. lingerie hangers have fabric covering and padding, they also come in some really cute patterns some places. :smile:
  8. I heard it wasn't good to store leather jackets in plastic garment bags because it will dry out .. is there any truth to this?
    I bought a beautiful leather jacket with fur trim, and it came with a wooden hanger and a plastic zip-up garment bag.. shouldn't that be okay since it came with the jacket?