How Do They Sell So Cheap on Ebay???

  1. I have seen many brand new bags that sell on eBay much lower than either retail or even with the PCE discount. I tried selling on eBay but realized that after I paid the fees, I was actually losing money. How do these sellers afford to sell the bags so low and still make a profit? I can understand if it was a gift or a bag they didn't want after all, but what about the people who sell Coach bags for a living? Where and how do they get these bags for so cheap?
  2. i saw an auction today, nwt for $1.00! i messaged the seller. she explained this way u avoid eBay fees, and people tend to just bit each other up to get the final price. but it does seem u dont really clear a lot on ebay
  3. I've often wondered the same thing. Especially when Mandys are going for $575-600 at the outlets, yet selling for as cheap as $300 on Ebay. I can only guess that they are either stolen or unscrupulous SA's are getting them & selling them (either outright or filtering them through friends/family).
  4. Don't forget about counterfeits, some of them are really good. Sometimes a seller will put a stock photo on the auction and send a counterfeit instead, usually those sellers have a feedback score of less than 10 though. Second-hand bags go so low because of the competition, and now the season. This fall, prices will start to go up a bit. I won't sell anything right now on EBay unless it is time sensitive, I will start back up in Sept.

    Otherwise, the new stuff, I don't know. If it is brand new and real, there must be some stealing or SA selling going on. I couldn't say for sure either way. I know some people buy from the outlet and sell on EBay.
  5. Well, I buy a lot from a particular seller (up to about 14 transactions or so). He mostly sells merchandise that has been returned to the Coach stores or outlets either because of buyer's remorse or some other reason. He states this in the very fine print at the bottom page of his auctions and the stores sell it to him for way cheap either because they're out of season or they show light wear. Sometimes, or most of the time, they're just display shelf items or they're just overstocked and they sell them in bulk. That's what he told me. He sells out of NY, but I have no idea why or how he gets to buy them straight of the stores for dirt cheap. They are 100% authentic, he has over 2000 feedback. That's all I know.

    But yea, a lot of them are fake. You just have to look for those new eBayers trying to sell fake stuff.
  6. Also another reason could be the time of the year. Business isn't so great in the summer time (due to vacations, etc.) so people really aren't bidding.
  7. I have never heard of a Coach boutique selling a display item for any cheaper than full retail price. Can any of the Coach SA's comment on this?

    I know I've gotten a discount once, on a bag at an outlet because there were only two left and both had minor spots on them, but boutique items never.
  8. Me neither... they'd sell a bag as a Final Sale before they'd sell them in bulk to someone, especially an Ebay seller... Not to mention that if that were the case why would they be banning ebay sellers from their stores?
  9. Some retailers on Ebay sell slightly used bags in B condition or bags that have been returned to a store after being used. I know for eg. that @ Nordstrom if you buy a bag @ full price, then return it, they automatically discount. the bag b/c they aren't sure if it was used or not. I recently purchased a large camel leather ergo from Nordstrom in new condition for $285 with a retail of $425. Also, if you hit Nordstrom Rack, Off Saks, or a fab. sale @ Dillards, Bloomies, Macy's, then you can get a bag for a steal! Also, people may purchase from outlets & resell.
  10. Even with the discounts the numbers don't add up. For example, a $400 bag bought for a 25% discount would be $300. Add tax ($24), Ebay fees (you have to pay one way or another, either listing fee or final value fee, even if you start the bidding at $1, so about $20) and Paypal fees ($20 or so). Now you have to sell the bag for at least $375 just to break even - $400 just to make a tiny profit, and now you are back up to retail. So these people must be getting the bags for more than 25% off retail. I think they are either stolen or they are SA's getting them with their employee discount and reselling. Even bags at the outlet aren't marked down enough to make much of a profit - I live near one and tried it. Anyone here have any more insight??
  11. I think there is some SA selling going on. Coach catches SA's doing it all the time, and they continue to tighten restrictions on how many bags we can buy.
  12. i've seen good deals at the outlets that could make a person a profit. for example, this past spring i saw beaded totes in lavender suede and khaki jacquard for $100!! i remember another time they had black signature teardrop fobs for $6. the deals are there, you just have to a)know when to go in - maybe you have an inside source at the outlet b)you get lucky c)you visit the outlet on a regular basis and have a good relationship w/ the SA's
    Also, there are other places to buy COACH at a discount other than PCE. military exchanges sell them for 20% off right off the bat and every now and then (i've seen it once) there will be an additional % off; think day after Thanksgiving, Christmas, etc.
  13. And as unpleasant sounding as it may be, I really think there is a lot of stolen (as in off the truck/underground criminal activity) merchandise that is unloaded on ebay.
  14. didn't mean to-
    As I explained above, even a 25% discount would not allow one to make much of a profit. I found a bunch of Legacy Madison bags at the outlet for $89 (retail $300) and thought I would make a bunch on Ebay. I lost $$$ because they sold for what I bought them for, plus I had to pay Ebay fees. So what I'm wondering is how anyone is making a profit by selling designer bags at such low prices. You'd have to get them at 50% off to make much of a profit since they usually sell far below retail.
  15. the discount is not always 25 %. i bought a bag at dillards when they had the additional 30% off and the bag retailed at $398, i got it at $145. it was a great deal for me though, not ebay....sometimes people just get lucky with sales. but i am sure a lot of them are stolen goods..there were a few coach break ins this year i believe