How do they order their scarves?????

  1. I was just wondering about something.....

    There I was, talking to the nice guy on the other end of the phone at the 800# trying to locate a store that had my Les Parisiens scarf in black. And he says, "well.....there's a couple in white in DC......hmmmmmm.....a couple in pink in.........DC." long pause "One in a pale blue in.......DC. And only one in black in NY but it's probably gone by now." And I said, "That's IT???? In the whole COUNTRY?"

    .....and I started to wonder why you can't find this gorgeous new issue anywhere at all but those Golf Ball scarves seem to be multiplying by the minute!!!!

    How do the stores order the scarves they sell? Are they just sent a bunch from Paris? Do they have anything to say about it at all? Are there scarf buyers who need a little more training?????

    What's going on???? :shrugs:
  2. From what I was told, the person who is in charge of ordering the scarves will order it in accordance to what they feel will sell well in the area. That's why certain scarves will be available at certain stores whereas other stores may have a concentration of other styles of scarves.

    What I find to be interesting is that some of the scarves that I got from the East Coast are not available at my local store and vice versa. That can pose a problem sometimes since my store wouldn't exchange any scarves that they don't currently carry.

    Eh, sorry if this response isn't much help. I don't know much.
  3. Exactly what Kou said. My SA and the former MAnager used to order all the scarves. Thank God we have a new Manager, because the old ones taste in scarves was terrible!! I'm alays having to get mine from the other stores around the country!! My SA in Queensland keeps all the hard-to-find or special issue colourways for me!!
  4. Just keep in mind... the *800- number is only checking the Flagship stores, they have no acess to the privately owned/concession stores...and they may have what you want!
  5. Definately try KOP, they seem to have a nice stock of hard to get ones.... (just ordered my Les triples in yellow from them, ahem.....)
  6. Well.....I'll tell you. I don't think the stores in Scotland wanted any of those Golf Ball scarves 'cause we've got tons of those!!!!
  7. D, here is some advice. Start calling BG in NY, there scarf inventory is bigger than the H's, they have scarfs that H does not av. When MA doesn't have a scarf I'm looking for, I head right for BG. They have everything!!!!!!
  8. I hate that friggin' golf ball scarf - and I play golf!!!!!!!

    Hey D - do you want me to really freak you out??? There is a NEW golf ball scarf this season, ADDITION to the one covered in balls in the shape of an H.......jeezuz, you think they would have got the idea with the first one......

    Hermes Scarf Director,
    Note to Self: DO NOT make any more Golf Ball Scarves.
  9. NOOOOO.........I couldn't believe when my SA showed it to me a while back....I looked at him like he had two heads!
  10. True. I called BG and they had my Les PArisiens right there! And FABULOUS customer Service from the lovely Patricia!!
  11. (S'mom writing feverishly.........and BTW, where is our GINA? Kinda miss our installments of Captain whathisname.....) Patricia. Bergdorfs. Got it.
  12. O.M.G!!! I allways shop with Patricia...she gets me scarves that the madison ave store does not have...!:nuts: :wtf: :nuts: :yahoo:
  13. SM, seriously, give them a try.
  14. Or you could try Bob at the local Pro Shop.......he should have the golf ball scarves in the hard-to-find colourways.....
  15. Patricia is the BEAST!