How do they keep track of your purchases?

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  1. How does Hermes keep track of your purchases? I know that it used to be that they would input my credit card number and my name into the system, and then when the receipt printed out, it'll have my name on it.

    Then earlier this month, I was told by my SA that they changed their computer system. When she swiped my card, she looked at the name and commented how it was spelled differently from what she thought, and then inputted it into the system again. I asked her if they're tracking things and she said, "Oh no, this little guy doesn't keep track of anything. I just put it in so see? It prints out the receipt." Huh???:confused1:

    When I looked at the receipt, it doesn't have a name on it. However, I KNOW she typed something in. I'm all paranoid now. How does Hermes keep track of the purchases? Do they? Also, when they do podium, do they track the names of the customer or what? One of my SAs said no it's within the store while the other one said yes they do track it.

    How does this whole record keeping thing work? Also, what if it's someone else's credit card? I'm so confused. And yes, I'm one paranoid person... I don't like ppl tracking anything, even if it means purchases that can bring me brownie points
  2. The "mothership" stores share their computr info, the satelite stores are all independent, and have no idea what else you buy, or where you buy it. If you want to make sure your purchases go on record, make sure you only shop in the"mothership" stores, (where they share all customer info.) It basically depends on where you shop.
  3. How do they know if the credit cards all belong to the same ppl? I wish my SA would just tell me that they track ... Then I'll start using cash since I'm deathly paranoid about hackers hacking into computers for personal info (I was amongst one of the many whose info got stolen at the recent UCLA fiasco).
  4. They only know actually...if they recognize you. My store no longer asks for I.D. (they used to years ago), and sometimes when I go to a "new" Hermes they ask for I.D.
  5. P.S. is scarry, most people I know have had problems with identity fraud!
  6. I've heard some serious horror stories about ID theft. There's this guy whose life was completely ruined because of it. I hope nobody hacks Hermes's system ... *worried*
  7. Wait, so for example ... my store knows me. If one day I get married and changed my lastname (which I can already say that I will NOT do - the lastname thing I mean) and I give them that credit card, what do they do with it? Do they type in my normal name to bring up my profile, and then input that extra credit card info?

    Gah, this is scary. I don't like ppl knowing too much about me ... :Push:
  8. When I got married, and the SA recognized me, I was aksed to confirm my "new" name and address with a proper that was o.k., I do not think your regular store will ignore a new person comming in with your name... they will ask for I.D.(of the new person).
  9. Please tell me what a "mothership" store is. Is NYC a "mothership" store and if so is that the only one in the USA?
    If I purchase a bag in Florida will Chicago know about it?
  10. N.Y. is one...actually, the folded card that you a mothersip store, lists the other mothership stores in the U.S.!:yes:
  11. ^^please avandome...I still don't understand. Is the folded card the one in which the receipt is kept in that lists the stores on the outside?
  12. yes, the main stores automatically put your recipt in it when you buy something.
  13. I was told at BH that Hermes here in CA, USA does keep track of its customers but only per boutique. Due to the California Privacy Act they cannot share the info within CA to other Hermes boutiques. The CC is NOT on file either even within each boutique. Only what you have purchased. The boutiques do not share with each other due to the privacy act. I believe this was discussed in another thread....

    Anyway, nationwide, the information can be viewed (per my source). For example those in Chicago can travel to NY and say to the SA, "I just lost my scarf that I just bought" - and the SA in NY can pull up said customers purchase details to see what the code is for the particular item. Purchase details do not include credit card info, only what the item is, color, size, etc. I REALLY do not think we have anything to worry about with their keeping any data. After all their motive is only to excel at customer service excellence.

    If you feel this paranoid I would advise you to just pay cash everywhere as even grocery stores now keep track of purchases.

    In all honesty - why bother trying to score brownie point by buying things if you don't want said purchases kept track of? :s We cannot have it both ways.

    I think it is more likely to become the victim of identity theft while paying at a restaurant than when using CC at Hermes.
  14. I am worried that if I buy a Kelly in Florida that Chicago SA will get mad that she did not have an opportunity to sell it to me. Are we supposed to "stick" to one SA in the USA?
  15. NO! ^^

    Especially with Kelly and Birkin purchases each SA is supposed to be very encouraging to customers to "grab what they can when they can". Only with other things do I make a point of sticking to my normal boutique.