How do they compare? MK and Dooney

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  1. I ❤️DB. It was my first luxury purse in 05 and I didn’t get another until 2016.

    I tried Coach this past fall and was not impressed.

    I’m itching for a new tote and since Gretta large totes are hard to come by I started looking elsewhere. MK exactly.

    But I’m afraid I won’t like it.

    ladies please tell me how they match up! Thanks
  2. Honestly they are only a few MK totes or bags that I love and they are his oldschool ones. I do have a brown harness leather bag of his that I really like and I think it's just a couple years old
    The jamesport tote is also very nice. His older made in italy bags or the ones with the help interiors and big circle inside logos are often much better quality and I think much more beautiful. Here is a jamesport in and I'll show you a another of the harness bag Screenshot_20200202-165624_Mercari.jpg
  3. 20200224_020630.jpg

    Here is the harness MK
  4. Have you ever checked out oryany bags? I have really been impressed with the craftsmanship and style plus great leather. All the things I love about Dooneys but more italian.
  5. Have you checked out the MK forum? I own mostly Dooney but if I like the bag then designer doesn't matter. Own 4 MK, 3 totes & 1 cb. Kors leathers vary in type & thickness with the thicker being very heavy (imo), others not so much. Love their wallets & pouches, but the most admirable feature of all their leathers is the variety of color & saturation of those colors. To me the saturation of gorgeous colors MK offers has really got Dooney beat.
    Oh - and MK bags wear like iron - take a beating & still look great.
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  6. Yes my harness tote is very sturdy. It reminds me of my marc Jacob's bag with that hard to kill leather and stitching
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  7. I’ve never seen these bags before. I mostly see logo bags but those are beautiful and sturdy.