How do these glasses look?

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  1. Oh my, that seller is rude. Did you read that response when someone asked a question?

    My Sunnies have the serial number on the left frame and Chanel Made in France on the right frame. Chanel is also etched on the top right lens (kinda hard to see). In the Chanel Authenticity thread above I have a detailed example what are on my sunnies. Hope it helps
  2. eeyew. I don't like his response either. When someone is that defensive, it's a red flag to me.
  3. I think I'll hold off on buying them until I can find someone better :smile: Thanks!!
  4. Michele, I took your advice and emailed sellers on eBay about what was on the upper right hand side of the lens...and they never answered me back! I don't think people know about the etched Chanel on the lens. So I'm thinking they might be fake, I didn't take a chance and bought them at the optometrists.
  5. I was watching an item from that seller, but after his rude response to you I think I'll just take my business elsewhere. It's so hard to know if sunglasses are authentic. I'm just having a hard time trusting eBay.
  6. I was watching this auction as well ... the price just seemed to good to be true.
  7. I found chanel glasses at lenscrafters a few years ago, I think they also had chanel sunglasses
  8. He's wicked rude. Stay away!
  9. Call Nordstrom. They carry them. If the don't have them on hand they will call other stores to get them for you. Good luck.
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