How do these Dior ballet flats run???? Help!!!

  1. Does anyone know how thse dior ballet flats run? I want to order them on line. Thanks for your help!!!

  2. Yes, I have those - TTS!
  3. I tried them on at NM before, quite tts.
  4. Just curious, what's the comfort level of these flats?
  5. I have found mine to be super comfy
  6. i had to size up one size, and though it seemed comfy, once you start walking it really feels like the toe box will rub too much against your toes..
  7. Thanks for your opinions!!!!
  8. I have these and they hurt me unfortunatly, but I love them too much so I deal with the pain. I would go up a size or 1/2 size
  9. I have a similar pair in python green and size up one size for them. I think 1/2 up would be fine for me too. They are painful at first but comfortable after awhile.