how do these celebs walk around all day in their CLs?

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  1. I know most ppl would say that celebs don't do much walking but every pic i see of them , specifically Victoria B., she seems like she's fine walking in her heels all day. What is their secret? They can walk all day in 4"-5" inch heels, shopping, walking on the pavement outside, everywhere! while I can only walk around the office for a bit in mine
  2. I think the pictures are probably quite deceiving, there's no way they are 'walking around all day' lol... pics of VB - she is driven to a store, and walks from the car to the store... walks around the shop and gets back in car.. all these pics of stars going to starbucks, same again.. so they probably arent walking as much as we think?
  3. either that or they've got calluses the size of canada on the balls of their feet
  4. There's loads of pictures of VB with her big bunions sticking out her shoes! lol x
  5. ^^Really^^ do you have any pics?
  6. [​IMG]


  7. Wow, that looks really painful!
  8. I used to pretty much stay in 4 inch heels all day at work with required a lot of walking and my feeet just got used to it... I do however get pedicures bi weekly and I don't have any bunions or anything.
  9. It is pretty fun to see--celeb walking around in heels. It's as if they are modeling the shoes for us! ;)

    Didn't know that about VB. That answers why she's walking around with shoes that look too big in the back (mentioned in another thread).
  10. I honestly think they grin and bear it, because so many of them feel the pressure to always look good for the paparazzi and what not.
  11. Sorry but the first noticeable thing in that pic is NOT the bunions lolol!
  12. lmao. i was just coming back to say that: she had bunions? lol.
  13. holy nipples batman!
  14. Yeah... I saw those too.... hope I didn't offend anyone....