How do these bottega sandals fit?

  1. Help....I want to get these shoes but I do not know what size I would be. I am normally a 6 1/2. I was told they run a half size big.
    Also, are these sandals comfortable?
    Thanks for your help![​IMG]
  2. Hi, I have these sandals in dk brown.
    I wasn't aware that they ran a 1/2 size larger. Now that you mention it, I could have purchased a 1/2 smaller than my normal size!
    Yes they are comfortable, and yes I'd get a 6!

    I'd also purchase from a reputable retailer just in case so you can exchange if there is a problem.
  3. yes they do run a half size big, when i tried them on the 35.5 fit perfectly and i'm normally a 36.
  4. ^ i totally love and want these - no input on sizing, sorry, just to say you will get the most gorgeous pair of shoes IMO. oh, and lots of italian designer run large I found - in sergio rossis, prada and miu miu I have to downsize around 1/2 to 1 size sometimes, so I am not suprised.
  5. I wanted those in brown but they ran out of my size. Please post pics/review if you get them.
  6. i have the ballerinas and they ran true to size for me. they are so comfortable. your sandles are beautiful. enjoy them.
  7. Thanks everyone! You gals are always so helpful!!