How do these boots run? TTS?

  1. Hi girls
    are these boots True to size? some of them are new...some older. the newer boots are truer to size are they? thanks! i can't try them cos they are hard to find in australia :sad:

    my feet they are quite wide.
    do chloe boots stretch a lot?



  2. My sister says her Chloe boots (two of which you show) are the most comfortable she owns.The four inch heels are walkable! Don't know about any problems with the width though...

  3. Oh man..........I plugged in numbers to see just how much these boots would cost for the U.S. Not a bad deal (but not the best either) since there's additional costs for overseas.

    AND I just noticed that these boots do NOT zip??? Interesting they look like the Edith boots I have and they zip on the side. Chloe-Babe are they bigger than around the calf?
  4. I have the bottom style. I have last years in the brown and I just sold a pair I bought this year in the black. They are pretty much to size but I did find the higher heel quite difficult to walk in,they seem to throw you forward.The lower heel is great.They are sooo comfortable.:yes:
  5. Yes, they are wide, you can even wear them slightly slouched down, so they are easy to get on. :smile:

  6. hehehe i started considering them when i saw them at net-a-porter
    but now they don't have free shipping anymore!!!! :crybaby:
    how annoying! have they really got no zip! i didn't even realize that.

    thanks chloe babe!

    over the weekend is saw one last pair in a a 40 at a local department store and tried it on for fun...
    oh my goodness. it was soft. it was buttery soft it was SO COMFORTABLE!!!

    Thanks for the feedback!!!