How do these Belen Echandia combos sound?

  1. Im already getting the Love Me in petrol....Im trying to plan out what other bags I want so I can budget them out

    Im thinking:

    Love Me crash
    Indulge me....Im not sure...maybe tan?

    I also like some other, chocolate, dark grey, grey shimmer (the list goes on lol)

    I really like the looks of some of the newer bags that are more structured but Im curious if the handles are comfy

    Any thoughts on these combos? Any suggestions on other ones?
    Since I can't buy them all at once at least I can plan them out woohoo!
  2. All of the above AND more!!!

    With can never have enough.

    And the new handles?? I love them personally.
  3. They all sound great! I think I'd love a SM in tan.
  4. Great choices!
    I think the LMM would be perfect in black crash.
    I love the SM in wine. To be honest, I don't think there's a single BE style that wouldn't be amazing in wine, it's such a gorgeous color.
    I also like think the IM looks great in some bright new colors like mustard and fuschia.
    Good luck in deciding, it won't be easy. BE truly has the most amazing colors. I love a lot of thing about the bags but it's the colors that initially attracted me to BE (especially petrol and wine).
  5. Heehee! I'm in the same boat as you. I'm trying to decide between a Stroke Me in Tan or Petrol, an I'm Yours Tote in wine (wish I could get it in purple, though), a Be Mine in Mottled Gold, and a Hold Me in apple green (so happy she made this with longer handles). Its darn near impossible to decide.

    I vote for the Indulge Me in Mustard. The tan almost feels too casual for that style. The others sound like lovely combos.

    Personally, I am a big fan of rolled handles cause they tend to stay on the shoulder easier. I've never had troubles with them being uncomfy. I haven't tried the BE ones, specifically, but I'm pretty sure you have nothing to worry about.