How do the sizes on Coach boots run?

  1. Hi Everyone, this is my first post. Happy holidays! I've been lurking here on and off for a while and have finally decided to post.

    I have a pair of boots on hold in size 8. I'm usually a 7.5. Just wondering how the sizing on Coach boots run...big, small, true to size?

    Also, it's the Maxene I have on hold...I'm always weary of high boots as I have chubby calves. Are the calves tight on these or roomy?

    Sorry to bombard everyone with questions, TIA!
  2. I'm curious about the Coach boot sizing myself. In Coach sandals and sneakers, I usually wear a 7.5M. However in the Coach flats and wedges, I had to go down 1/2 size in all of the styles that I was interested in.
  3. I know that the sneaks/shoes run about a half size small. I'm usually a 7.5 and the BF's mom got me some of the Barrett sneakers for xmas, they were a 7.5 and uncomfortably snug...a bit too tight.

    I would suggest getting a half size up, that's what I'm doing with my sneakers, but then again, boots could be different.
  4. IMO boots run true to size, but yes calves are likely an issue.
  5. I have a pair of the Mackenize boots from 2 years (3?) years ago. I find that the calves in the older boots are a lot smaller than the boots I tried on last year (Jonie & Jordana boots). I 've only tried on short boots this year b/c my calves are small, but they seem to be making them bigger in the calves & ankles than in years past.
  6. Hmm, I just got a pair of Coach boots for X-Mas and I'm a size 7, these were a size 7 and were true to size. Fit just like all my other various brand's size 7's.
  7. All my Coach boots have been true to size...I have three pairs.
  8. I have 2 pairs and both are tts. They are mid-calf and dont bother me, but I have chicken legs. Is there anywhere that you can go to try on a pair?
  9. Got my Maxene's today. Usually wear a 7.5 but they only had them in an 8. Fit really good with a sock on, which is how I like to wear my boots. The calves are snug for sure (stupid chubby calves!) so the boots scrunch a bit around the ankles. I don't mind though as I wear them under jeans. They are really quite comfortable and I couldn't be happier.

    Thanks for everyone's replies. I wholeheartedly recommend these to anyone who is on the fence.
  10. What color did you get? Just curious. I tracked down a pair of whiskeys and bought them last night, after being told by JAX that there were no clay pairs left (thats the color I wanted most.) So just curious to see what you got. I'm glad you like them though, I cant wait for mine to come in!
  11. Got them in whiskey (which is what I was looking for). I only saw whiskey and black on display in the store so I'm sure they didn't have any clay. I'm sorry you weren't able to find any clay, it's such a lovely color. Maybe there will be some post-Christmas returns bringing a few back. Does JAX have any kind of waitlist? It would be neat if they did..