How do the Rolandes look on your feet?

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  1. I just got a pair of Rolandes. My toes curl and I seem to have too much toe cleavage because of the short toe box.

    Is that a good look? I'm not really used to it. I love the shoes, but I may have to return them because I think I look funny in them.

    Has anyone else experience this with the Rolandos or the Rolandes?
  2. the toe cleavage is the main feature of the rolando/rolande, i think. sometimes i think i have too much cleavage exposed. here's a pic of me (in my trakkies) wearing a pair of rolandos.

  3. Yes, I have! My feet are on the wider side and because the toe box in Rolando and Rolande is narrow my toes do curl! It shows on my left foot more than my right. Smurf, personally I think the look of it bothers us more than anyone else. When I tried on both of the shoes, NO ONE ever commented about what the toes looked like. As a matter of fact, everyone who sees them think they are hot. I had the same thoughts about returning them, but I love them too much to let them go.

    JRed--The Rolandos look gorgeous on you! Admittedly, they do not look the most flattering on me, but I love them.
  4. I've never worn them but they've looked fab on everyone I've seen wearing them.
  5. JRed- Thanks for the pic! Your Rolandos look fabulous on you!

    LavendarIce- I see from the sizing guide that you got a 37.5 in the Rolandes. I ordered a 36.5 because I'm just like you. A between size (36-36.5) with wider feet. Did you try the Rolandes a full size up (i.e., in a 38)? I wonder if the toe curl would be less if we go a full size up?
  6. I just ordered a pair so I'll let you know.
  7. I have tried it in a 38 and it's a no go. Too much room in the back. Yeah, there is less toe curl, but it is too big. I am just sucking it up and going with the 37.5. A 37 would be too cruel with this narrow toe box.
  8. ^ Thanks! This saves me a trip to Barneys. ;)
  9. You're welcome. Go with what it feels like. For me the 37.5 is not painful. Even with the toe curling. I think my toes are smooshed in most of my shoes anyway, but I try to wear them for shorter periods of time, walk on carpet, etc. Personally, I think it is only you and I who notice are toes curling--everyone else seem to only comment about how hot they look. lol

    BTW, if you wanted to go a whole size up, you can try inserts. Personally I have found my feet hurt more with inserts. Weird, huh?