How do the light/white RM leathers stand up?

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  1. After totally falling in love with my new distressed black BF, I decided to check out more styles at the local Saks. I am so lucky I didn't walk out with one of those full priced bags. Pale gray with gunmetal MAC, gray croc BF, be still my heart!

    They also had an ivory linear stud Darling, and wow, that bag was incredible. But I've never had a white/cream/ivory/super light purse before. Do you think the color will hold up? Are RM's light leathers easy to clean? I'm worried it would get really dirty looking. But man, it is beautiful!
  2. Mmm you have to be careful, I've been using my stone rocker (a light taupe/brown) and my dark denim rubbed on it and now it's stained with dark marks on the back :sad:. They are pretty though! Just have to be careful!
  3. Yeah, I'm very hesitant. The ivory does a beautiful job of showing of the mixed metal studs. And the leather is so soft, but I almost feel like that would end up biting me in the butt. Though I don't abuse my bags the way I used to when I went to concerts and bars all the time, they don't sit in my closet either, so I'm sure it would pick up some dirt.

    Man, this one time I wish I wasn't practical, it was so pretty!
  4. I'm getting the woven cream when it comes out. Just be careful of what you wear, esp. dark denim. If it's a satchel then you don't have to worry about that as much, but maybe treat the handles so they don't get dirty.