How do the experts jurdge the authenticity?

  1. Maybe I should post this here again.

    How do the experts jurdge the authenticity of a bag? If I take a chanel bag to a local chanel boutique without an ID card or not even the hologram sticker, can they still tell whether the bag is real or replica?

    Please help!Thank you...:confused1:
  2. Of course they can tell just by the craftsmanship. It's not the hologram sticker or ID card that makes a bag a Chanel bag.
  3. You are right, but I thought they would had some special scanner or somthing to scan the sticker and the card.:wlae:thank you!
  4. I already responded to your question in the authentication thread, but there are many ways to tell if you have the bag in person. As pointed out above, craftsmanship is the biggest. However, if you are trying to authenticate by pictures alone (which is normally the case with bags on eBay) the hologram and authenticity cards are two of the easiest ways to tell.:yes:
  5. The experts here can only do their best with all the tips already posted on another thread. For 100% sure, I go to the store.

    I won't buy the bag you asked in authenticate this thread. It looks suspicious.