How do the e-bay sellers get the bags?

  1. Just wondering how the sellers on e-bay get so many new Hermes bags that are so hard to find? I thought that Hermes was "strict" in not selling to people suspected of buying for reselling purposes.

    Sorry if I sound ignorant - I don't know much about Hermes other than I love the bags but can't afford them right now!

    Please let me know if this has been covered in a previous thread - I suspect it has but my search for the topic was not successful. I am just generally curious - not looking for specifics here, I certainly have no intention of becoming a reseller myself.
  2. I wonder the same thing...Seems unfair...when so many are waiting, and here they are on eBay. For anywhere from 2k - 4k above current retail!
  3. I've heard that in order to build a good relationship with your SA, those customers will buy everything that is being offered by the SA (so as to make you their VIPs) and you will sell those items that you don't like to resellers.....until the SA offers you something that you like! I've heard that it can be profit making as the resellers are willing to pay 10-20% more to the retail price....

    This happens in HK, very unfair I have to say - I am on the birkin wait list for over 1 year and am still waiting for it!!