how do the coach collars fit?

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  1. i wanted a black patent collar for my westie, before i was worried it would rub off on him, but my other thread i was assured it wouldnt cause its patent, but they dont have the collar in medium black, so im wondering how the fit is for the collar? he'll he wearing a harness when hes outside, so the collar is more for looks and to carry his ID tags. should i opt for the small or the large?
  2. I always thought my baby was too big for a coach collar when she was alive...but looking at their web site she could have had a coach collar!!! Their web site lists the following sizes:
    XS ( 8 1/2 - 10 1/2)
    S (11 - 13)
    M (13 1/2 - 16 1/2)
    L (17 - 21)
    XL (22 - 26)

    I say measure your westie around the don't want it to be too big..because if the tags will be on it you don't want to risk it coming off...but of course you don't want it too small either!
  3. oh so i should just measure his neck with like a string and then put it to a ruler.. easy if he didnt scamper off with the only one i havent lost yet two weeks ago..
  4. okay so hes just off 12, so he should be fine with the small right?
  5. :yes:
  6. Yes, because I think that's what Maya's size is right around and I bought her a small. My only small issue is that its a tad wide. It could be a little bit smaller width-wise for such a small dog.
  7. I think my Homer has a small, it could be an extra-small, I'm not sure (he's the black and tan one in my userpic) and it fits him great and its held up pretty well and he's had it for a few years, and Reba (the black one in my pic) has an extra-small, and its huge on her, but it hasn't come off of her. So I think the small should fit your westie.
  8. okay girls thanks for your imput! i put the order in and should be getting it shortly!! by the end of this week at the very most!!
  9. The collars are so cute. My mini doxie has two size smalls (one red, one black). He's had them for a few years and they still look great. :flowers:
  10. so your chis and your doxies which are toy type breeds fit the small? westies arent toy breeds.. getting a little worried now.
  11. My doxie isn't so much a toy...he's a chunky little guy. :lol: Similiar in size to a Westie, just longer. ;)
  12. you all were totally right, its the perfect size and he looks so handsome.:heart: thanks all!
  13. yeah when i put it on him i felt the same way. otherwise i love it on him!