How do the Citizens Ingrid's fit??

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  1. Hi ladies any of you own a pair of ingrid's? Im about to buy them online but was curious if the back of the leg (near the butt) will be loose on slim girls...I just read some online reviews and some ppl say they stretch a lot there...what about the kelly's? thanks for your help guys!

  2. i have citizens ingrids! they do stretch out alot but not an obscene amount. lol. i dont wear em too often though. i love the coh dark cordoba naomis i have (they are the ones with pink and orange argyle stitching on the back pockets) alot more. :smile:
  3. I think when it comes to buying Citizens for the first time (particularly if you can't try them on in person) the Kelly's are the safest bet. They fit everyone well. Activeendeavors has a pretty good interactive fit guide here:
  4. I have the kellys--do do stretch a little bit, but they still look good.
  5. thank you for that link angelina...very helpful...but why are the kellys 35" inseam, jesus!! too long and I hate hemming jeans...a little is fine but thats just too much will lose the flare/bootcut..booooo :sad2:
  6. I think the inseam actually depends on the waist size and wash that you're getting. I have a pair of Kelly's from two years ago that are only 33" Good luck though!
  7. The Kelly style is straight leg--a good fit for a lot of body types. The Ingrid is better for those with a bit more of a butt. There is a bit more room in the thigh area, and the cut is more of a flare.

    So it depends what kind of body type you have, in my opinion.
  8. I'm wearing these right now! Got 'em on sale and Nordies. Great jeans!!
  9. I'm pretty slim and the Kelly Bootcut fits me the best...