How do Sass & Bide jeans run?

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  1. There's some nice ones on sale at Shopbop....
  2. i have a pair, they seem to run a little small. but i loveeeee them and they are my favorite pair of jeans!!
  3. They run small IMO...
  4. Yup I agree, definitely run small. I wear a 29 or 30 in all True Religion styles but had to get a 31 in Sass & Bide. It's the waist that seems particularly small rather than the bum or thighs
  5. hear they run small but stretch out a LOT.

    another question about s&b jeans though
    are all the button closures on the jeans reversed ??? i just bought 2 pairs but didn't even bother putting them buttoning it bc i'm right handed and couldnt do it hahah. the button's on the left and the hole is on the right ... is it like that for all their jeans? i havent bothered checking the others.

    i wanna keep 'em bc it was only freakin $25 but ... i can't wear 'em if i cant even button them! lol
  6. they run small..go a size up! i'm normally a size 27 but i went for a 28! but beware..their jeans have a weird fit..
  7. Ha ha, I had the exact same issue with buttoning! Mine were a tad snug when I bought them and I had such a hard time getting them closed. It made me laugh and I'm glad to hear I'm not the only one!

    And these do run pretty small...I bought my regular size and while I can get them on and button them, they are SKINTIGHT.
  8. how do u button it when the buttons are reversed?? i just CANT do it lolll :confused1:
  9. I thought I was crazy! Mine are that way too!:yes:
  10. ^That's so funny...I had no idea this was a common issue. It seems so simple you know? But it takes me literally a couple of extra minutes, lol!