How do R&R fit?

  1. How do R&R Jeans fit? I'm a 27 in Seven and Citizens, and I have a feeling R&R run small. What are your experiences? TIA.
  2. They run true to size on me. They fit my body a TON better than Sevens and Citizens.
  3. They run true to size for me too. But if you're shorter like me, then you will def. have to get them tailored or altered.
  4. Ah, I have a big butt for my waist though... that's kind of the factor I'm contemplating...and I'm tall.. around 5'8 :smile:
  5. I actually find that R&R runs large? Well, larger than SFAM. I can wear a 29 in R&R but can't fit into a 30 in SFAM. Maybe it also depends on the cut of the jeans?
  6. They run big on me, I wear a 26 in citizens, and a 25 in R&R (boot cut and flare). I'm not sure about their straight leg and skinny though, i guess you'll need to try it on.
  7. R&R sizing is quite confusing, it varies with different washes... most of the time, they fit tts or a little large; but some washes run 2 size bigger. You may find out the wash you like and ask for the sizing of that specific wash ;)

    Also, R&R's run generally big on the waist, they are most flattering on the girls who have a "boyish" shaped body. I know lots of "pear-shaped" girls need to tailored the waist to get the jeans fit. Hope this helps.
  8. i work for them!!!!
  9. They run a little big IMO, and I agree with petit papillon that they're big in the waist and it shows on someone like me with a curvy build. I've been too lazy to get mine nipped in at the center back. And...I've packed on a few pounds recently so I guess it's good they run a little big...I can still get into them for now, LOL!
  10. They run true to size on me (maybe slightly small, depending on the wash) but are insanely long! But then again, I'm only 5'2.
  11. it most definitely depends on the wash and cut. i agree. youre ^ absolutely right.
  12. i wear the same size that i do in seven... hope this helps!
  13. I find R&R run a little large as I wear 30 in TR but 29 in R&R
  14. I agree with this. The sizing is all over the place. I think most are also pretty low in terms of rise.
  15. True to size for me.