How do prada shoes run? please help

  1. TRUE TO SIZE? or should I go up a size? thanks
  2. Sjunky - every pair of Prada shoes that I own run true to size. I should also add that they are extremely comfortable shoes.
    It may be a good idea to post pics of the shoe that you are considering in case another member has the same shoe and can give a better suggestion.
  3. Another vote for true to size. Also, they do not run narrow, which is great for someone who does not have a narrow foot like me.
  4. Same here. Pretty TTS.
  5. I size up from low-end shoes to designer shoes, including prada. Meaning, wear a 10 in via spiga, but 41/11 in designer shoes. I have a lot of prada shoes and they're super comfortable.
  6. I think they run big. They are the only brand that I can wear a 35. I usually need a 35.5-36 in every other brand.
  7. All of mine have run true to size to a little big.
  8. all of mine true to size. Same sizing as Gucci for me.
  9. My Pradas run about half a size bigger.
  10. TTS for me! I have a narrow foot though.
  11. TTS for me, I have wide feet and these fit very comfortably.
  12. Same here. I wear mostly 35s in Eurpoean shoes.
  13. They definitely run true to size.:heart:H
  14. true to size to a little big. if you have wide feet, i think they are more TTS than if you have narrow to medium. prada shoes are way comfy.