How do people sell COACH so low?

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    Despite the listing pulling, blocking of LV, and fear of banning, I wish to more seriously sell on eBay. It would be a great job for me (aside from the risks). Besides I've got selling COACH so down to perfection, that I don't think I can be touched.

    But COACH doesn't discount like Chloe' or Marc Jacobs or stuff at Neiman Marcus. 30% at Macy*s, plus tax.

    I picked up three bags to sell at Macy*s. $110 dollars off, and I wanted to mark up $50ish. Then I did math, and it would cost me $20ish in fees (including PayPal)! That's nuts.. Thex would sell fine at that price, but give me $30 profit.

    Now there are lots of the other bag I got (and I got two) selling for soooooooo much lower, lower than I paid! How did people get this price? Are they all employees who sell on eBay? Isn't there some other way?? I suppose there isn't with Coach, but I don't get it. :s

    Now the two totes I got need to be returned to Macy*s, but is it worth selling the x?? If it doesn't sell the first time, I'm out $5 and the bag would be returned. Sigh.

    So basically, forgetting Coach, how do people seriously sell on eBay? How can I get the deals. I want to head to NM soon and often to scout the sale table, but I checked online and that wasn't promising.
  2. i don't think anyone will tell you exactly how and where to get deals to sell on ebay. most sellers work really hard to find good sources or bargains to sell and make money. there are coach outlets though. some sellers on ebay do work for ebay but that is few and far between. most sellers are probably just very savvy shoppers and know how to get great deals. and some people are happy with a 20 dollar profit. i know i myself am not. i only buy things i know i can make a certain amount of money on.

    anyway good luck! selling on ebay can be frustrating but it can also be really fun!
  3. Are the bags second hand? If they are used then they will be going for less.
  4. Also are the other ones fake maybe?
  5. It's possible the person got the purse at a PCE with 25% off, or got a 40% off coupon if something was damaged and Coach couldn't fix it. They also could have purchased the item at an outlet, or could be a Coach employee and be buying with their discount. They could actually be using a discount if they worked at any dept. store that sells Coach, too. Or they could have gotten the bag as a gift and don't have anywhere nearby them where they can return it, so they'll sell it for whatever they can get.
  6. I am afraid I can't help - I almost always sell used bags, albeit often very quickly, and I also tend to seek only to get my money back not make a profit. Sorry to be useless, but I guess it must be something to do with generalisable principles of retail e.g. end of lines, timing, linking to current trends but not being 'it' etc. I am sure others can be more helpful thana me though.
  7. Coach just implemented a strict policy with their employees which allow them only to purchase something like 12 items per year and no one but employees are allowed to their sample sales. There was an employee who worked for Coach's packing dept and was selling and stealing for Ebay, He basically got caught and is going to serve some serious time. because there is no way anyone would be able to get there hands on most Coach for a discount, They don't discount-bottomline. Coach has invested quite a bit of dollars to stop scammers, and they have every right, just imagine if that was your business you owned. As far as people selling Coach for profit, they are probably getting it from craigslist sellers, outlets(which is really not a good deal), or maybe they just had them and need to get rid of them at this point. Sometimes on craigslist or you can find a person so needy that they want the money, I found my Fendi Spy bag on there and 2 Vintage LV's and 5 very old Coach originals and they are all REAL. Have you ever tried there?
  8. ALso more than likely if someone is selling alot of NEW COACH BAGS, then they are FAKE! it is totally impossible inless they are USED.
  9. Some people go to the outlets and buy thousands of $$ worth of stuff to sell on ebay, so that's not necessarily true. That's another way to get deals, do you have an outlet by you?
  10. actually you can get great deals at the outlet. it's not all the time but you can. i think i bought a bag there once for like 37 dollars and sold it on ebay for around 135-150. i forget how much.

    if people are selling it lower than you it might be that they got it for less or that they started it low to encourage bidding. personally i dont worry about how much other people are selling things for. i price mine at what i want and maybe suprisingly almost always get it. it might take a little longer but i don't care.
  11. If you hit the outlet at the right time, you can get bags are really low prices. In fact, I can tell what is on sale at the outlet by what is on ebay in big numbers.
  12. you can get them dirt cheap at macy's or at the outlets.
  13. there is always pce and 2nd hand sales also!
  14. yes plenty i live in nyc, and they are not cheap enough to make profit, my friend also works for coach corporate and there is really no way.
  15. of new styles i am referring too.