How do people have dogs in apartments?

  1. This is something I have always wondered, I have a little Jack Russell and he has a cat flap so that he can go to the loo in the garden, just wondering what do people in apartments do? Where does the dog go to the loo?
  2. I had my first dog in an was alot of work. Luckily my husband and I both worked close by so we could come home and let her out several times a day. I also walked her twice a day and in the middle of our apartment complex we had a big field that she could run in and she did that each time we took her out. Now I have a little house with a yard and both of my dogs spend most of their time outside. They come in twice a day to eat and nap and they spend the evenings and night in the house with us.
  3. Alot of little dogs use the wee wee pads or there is dog litter out now for those that don't go outside.
  4. My dog uses regular kitty litter.
  5. My boy uses pee pads for when he can't hold it (which is often given that he's 4 months) if i'm in class. Otherwise, I trudge downstairs with him every 2 hours...he insists on walking up and down the 3 flights by himself and he takes forrrrrrever, but it's so sweet to watch. he looks part slinky part lizard when he takes the stairs :smile:
  6. my pup uses her pee pee pads :smile:
  7. My husband constructed a piece of grass and has it as his potty pad.
    It's about the size of 2 cookie sheets and has holes ofr drainage.
    Everything is able to be dishwashed so no stinky urine smell in the house. yay.
    we used to do potty pads but he chews on them *bag over head*
  8. Oh I see! Thanks!
  9. My dog does #2 two times a day. So I take him out in the morning as soon as I wake up, and as soon as I come back from work.

    For #1... He uses the bathtub. We have seperate bathrooms.
  10. You can also hire someone to come and take your dog out during the day, that's what my coworker does since she doesn't live close enough to do it herself. Definitely adds up though.
  11. I live in an apartment.. and at first I bought the litter for dogs, but that didn't work cuz he would try and eat the pieces of newspaper. I got those pads and they work out great. I set the paper in one corner and that's where he goes.
  12. When we lived in a loft, which is like an apartment, we had a dogwalker come during the day to walk our dog, and after getting home from work, we would take her to the dog park.