how do people go about selling bags...

  1. Just curious how do people go about selling some of their bags? Is ebay the best route...
  2. There are trading assistants on eBay. some specialize in high-end designer bags, clothing, etc. It wasn't LV, but recently I used a trading ass't. who lives near me to sell a couple bags on eBay, and she got more than I ever imagined for them. Of course, for my convenience and her work, I paid the listing fees and a commission to her, but I still made a decent amount.
  3. This belongs in the general forum concerning handbags. :yes:
  4. Yes, I believe eBay to be the best place to sell.
  5. Ebay probably is the best route unless you're selling Goyard ... there're too many counterfeit Goyards on there that the real ones are having problems sellilng for a decent price.:crybaby:

    With regards to trading assistants, make sure you and the TA agree on the % for commission. Some of them charge 50% of the final transaction price and in cases like that you're better of selling it yourself.