How do people expect to sell things without pictures?

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  1. Since we are in a major purge and restyling our kids bedrooms and family room, we've been doing a lot of searching on craigslist and ebay. So many listings have descriptions but no pictures. When I ask, they say, just come on out and look to see. Or get snotty and say, "If I had pictures, I would hae posted them. The DC area is HUGE, so driving to see something could take over two hours, but it makes me wonder... do they ever sell these things?

    So annoying (just happened to me again.... just drive out to see - HELLO it's 30 miles from me!)
  2. yeah that is ridiculous. i always filter so that the posts i get MUST have images. that narrows it down a whole lot. good luck!!
  3. My favorite are the ones where there ARE pictures, but they are so obviously not of the thing you will be getting. This happens a lot with apartments. It's like the person practically scanned pictures out of Better Homes & Gardens and posted them up there. Or for cars, the person will have posted a glamor shot straight from the manufacturer's website.

  4. True, the filter option is great. I don't own a camera so if I can't borrow someone's, I have to find an image on google that is the same item I'm selling (and state that it's a sample image of course). It's a pain!
  5. I always thought that was a bit fishy. You have this beautiful handbag and one small what looks like a stock photo that you cannot even enlarge. No other pictures of the bags just that small pic. I do not even bother with those.
  6. I always post a boatload of pictures.... If I have more than the 4 allowed on Craigslist, I link to my Flickr account. A picture really is worth a thousand words.
  7. I sold a couple of items with no pic recently. I was moving and didn't have internet at the moment. I used my Iphone to advertise and emailed the pics when requested one bye one. For items later on it finally got annoying so I had my BF post the pics. So anyways thats another reason for no pics lol.