How do people dress for winter in LA?

  1. I'll be going to LA for the winter and don't know what are the right things to pack there, what should I be wearing for the winter? All suggestions and pix will be much appreciated. I don't know what kind of winter jackets to bring, don't want to be cold there(I'm used to sunny weather all year long, I also can't stand being cold), but also don't want to look so obviously like a tourist, lol... :p Would be great to find out what are the current trends there.

    Thanks in advance!
  2. We don't. Hee hee hee.

    All joking aside, I don't think you can go wrong with a wool peacoat or trench. There hasn't been enough cold weather for all the stores to break out the winter coat displays yet, so I'm not sure what's the hot new trend. I have seen a lot of leather hoodies, though. Layering is key, because it can go from 40s-50s in the mornings, then close to 80 during the day (even in January), and back down to 40s at night.

    Also, where in LA will you be, because that also affects the temp. Anywhere near the beach will be more chilly, downtown will be mild, valleys and desert are warmer, OC is cool to mild.
  3. layer. Since most places will have the heater on.
  4. I would love to go to LA for the winter! It seems like such a happy, cheerful, sunshine-y kind of place!;)
  5. I never had the chance to wear a coat when I lived in la because it never got cold enough. However, if you are susceptible to feeling cold a light coat would take care of ANY shivers you might feel. A tank with a light sweatshirt or sweater and scarf was all it took for me to get through LA winters and this is coming from someone that is very very sensitive to cold weather.
  6. Most of us wear jeans, hoodies and a pair of flip flops. Very comfy not too warm and relaxed. Have a great time while visiting!!
  7. Thanks for the advice! So I don't have to stock up on gloves, furry winter coats, wool sweater, boots, etc? :p

    Anyone has any pix of the recent fashion trends in LA?
  8. For pics, just look at paparazzi photos of all the stars. They seem to wear the same fashions year round.

    Clothing: Juicy sweatsuits, hoodie and jeans
    Shoes: flip flops or Uggs

    Not my favorite look by any means but L.A. is very casual
  9. check before you arrive! it's pretty normal for us to have a heat wave of 85-90 degrees in december and january!
  10. I get cold easily so even in LA I do find that in the coldest months here, I wear my down vest a lot. That with a long sleeve t underneath is perfect for me warmth-wise, luckily I found one that isn't too "lumberjack"-y that I love. You won't need gloves, thick scarves, etc.

    Don't forget to bring your huge oversized shades, those are always in season! :supacool::supacool:
  11. I live about 1 hours drive from LA and I second the flip flops! the weather in so cal is very wacky. last christmas was HOT about 89 degrees. dressing warm to me is wearing leggings and a sweater with a tank under! IN the evenings it gets a little bit cooler then I break out the boots and hoody!
  12. you definitely don't need a heavy coat for her. even on the chillier days, i'm fine wearing a sweater or hoodie. la really don't get too cold in the winter at all. have fun visiting!
  13. Another thing to keep in mind is that no matter what the daytime temperature is in LA it will drop significantly at night since it is technically the desert. It is a good idea to have layers available for night.
  14. hoodie . jeans. and yes, either uggs or Rainbow sandals! i love my flops!

    it still does get cold in the nite time to mid/lower 50's. so u should dress warm but u don't need to break out like gloves and coats and stuff
  15. i usually just wear a tshirt or tank with a hoodie with jeans and flipflops
    i would LOVE to live somewhere where it gets cold in the winter though
    my dream is to one day wear one of those gorgeous coats