How do LV pumps fit?

  1. How do Louis Vuitton 3" pumps fit? Do they run larger/smaller than other brands? Thank you.
  2. In my experience they tend to run smaller. But I only own LV shoes from 2005 and before. Maybe some other PF'ers can answer about recent collections
  3. Hi, I think you really have to try them on. I have experienced that unfortunately every season they fit differently, depending on where they were manufactured.
  4. Definitely try them out. LV pumps don't fit me very well, so I go for strappy shoes. They run a bit smaller than other brands in my experience but I think it depends on the type of shoes.
  5. I have flats, spa mules, espadrilles with huge heel and a pair of thongs. In my experience all pairs except the spa mules run small. I wear a US 10 but wear a 11/41 in LV.
    I have heard the miroir shoes run big but they're more of a strappy sandal I guess. No idea about the rest. Let us know whatcha get. We love LV shewsss!
  6. true to size for me
  7. Runs one size small