How do limited edition LVs fair on the 2nd hand market?

  1. I was considering selling a bag I bought this year. It was expensive and I'm just not getting as much use out of it as i thought. In general, how well do bags hold their value even after they have been used?
  2. It depends on the bags condition, how in-demand it is, and what similiar bags are going for.

    Also, just to remind you, there is no selling on the PF. :smile:
  3. Yeah it does depend, but I think a lot of them do pretty well.
  4. as the others have said, some bags are more popular than others & sometimes the time of year helps too
  5. Entirely depends on what it is and the condition. A LOT of the recent LE bags...they didn't do so well originally...there are a TON left in stores and so they don't do well on the secondary market.
    HOWEVER...if you got a hot Stephen or something...then you can expect anywhere between 90-100% return (minus eBay/paypal fees)!

    My best advice is to type your bag name into the completed auctions and that's the best way to find out.
  6. Great advice! It does depend on your feedback on eBay as well. This has a lot to do with the resale value. People have to trust you!