How do Jumbo classics look when more than 10 or 20 years old? any pictures?

  1. I'd like to know how the classic bags look when aged 10 to 20 years. I want to foresee the future of my bags. Thanks!
  2. Holy cow, seahorse!

    Your gorgeous bag just sold me on Caviar leather! I noticed on eBay pics that the quilting on older lambskin bags have "flattened". It is natural and they are still lovely of course, but I am stunned at how amazingly the quilting on your vintage caviar bag has stood the test of time. What durability!

  3. thank u :p
    i was amazed too, when i found this bag at a 2nd hand store, it sold me right at that moment. there's some musty smell from the bag which is i think in a still very normal smell, and it goes away after i put some smell repellent and air it in outdoor and using the bag.
    i didn't know how old it was, but from some PFErs who's def. more expert than me, they say it was from around 1996, i think i wrote it around 80s at my previous post ad i correct it now :p sorry
    but the caviar is AMAZING!!! it's so pretty and almost flawless
  4. that's really nice, seahorse!!

    the caviar leather is practical to have for people who don't want any worries of scratches showing, but i want to see regular lambskin (not caviar) leather, because that's the type of classic i have (lambskin) and i want to see the aged look!
  5. I find black lambskin is quite easy to care for over time. You can touch it up with black leather cream or dye if it gets scuffed, and then just polish it up. I've done this with an older bag, and it looks really good!

    Other colors , especially light colors--are more difficult, because the lambskin can get discolored, and that is tricky to deal with. Color can transfer from denim, or practically anything. Dark brown might not be too bad, but white, cream, pink--pale colors--are easier to care for in caviar leather.
  6. ^ Oh my... I'm scared now to get lambskin. I didn't know about the discoloration. And I am concerned that the quilting will "deflate" over time.

    Does anyone w/ an older lambskin have any experience to share?
  7. Can't you just always take it to Chanel to have it repaired?
  8. I didn't mean to scare you--lambskin is just very soft and can absorb things like denim (especially dark) dye. It's just something to be aware of when choosing a bag. Lambskin is gorgeous, it just requires more care than caviar leather.

    The quilting on my bag has not deflated, and it's an older bag. I'll try to take some pictures. I keep it in the box so that it doesn't get squashed or flattened.
  9. Okay, pictures coming asap. They have to be downloaded into my husband's computer first, and then he can email them to me. Just waiting for him to come back to his computer so I can ask him nicely! :smile:
  10. Here are the pictures:
    DSC01902.JPG DSC01903.JPG
  11. wow sea....the 60's??? that's amazing.
  12. Oooh, snowwhite, thank you for the pics, your vintage lambskin is divine. :love:

  13. Snowwhite, I hope my lambskins look as great as yours when they're that old. BTW, how old is that one?
  14. Thank you for the compliment! That bag is about 15 or more years old. I've had it for several years, and I bought it vintage. It was scuffed on the corners and around the edges--I used black leather cream and leather protector on it, and it really brought the beauty of the leather back. Black lambskin can endure for a long time!