how do i wear these?

  1. Hello ladies. Here I am again with another clueless question. I recently bought myself Prada ladies’ driving moccasins in cacao. Here's a picture (kinda blurry):

    They’re super comfortable and I really want to wear them casually (not just while driving). Also, I paid $400+, so I really wanna make the most of them. My question is, how do I wear them? Can I wear them with jeans? With capri pants? With shorts? Help!

    My other question is, do I absolutely have to have a brown bottom (shorts/pants) because the shoes are cacao? Or can I wear cacao with black? I was told that black and brown never go together.

  2. you could wear them with black. I'm not really into flats though. but you could also wear them with jeans. find a cute belt in the similar color and it would look great!
  3. Gorgeous pair of classic moccasins! Love them! And I love brown with black!
    They'll look fab with jeans with a matching belt and a crisp white shirt! Or with black slacks and a comfortable cable knit cardigan.

    Don't know about capris, but with dressy shorts in the summer maybe..