How do I wear a Pucci scarf?

  1. I want to put together an outfit in which a Pucci scarf is the center of attention.

    The goods:

    I've got a full-sized square that's predominantly pink and teal (the one that I have the most trouble incorporating into an outfit because it's so loud), and then a ribbon/scarf-length scarf that's purple (I've been wearing it as a headband, mostly).

    With what do you wear your Pucci scarves?
  2. I own several square Pucci scarves and usually use them as belts and hair bands. Not sure if that will help...
  3. I'd wear it with solid colored clothes around your neck, headband, as a belt or tied on your handbag.
  4. with white/black/grey or jeans items?
  5. I usually wear my squares folded flat and tied around the neck like a turtleneck (hard to explain, sorry!) with a simple solid coloured scoop or boat neck top or a plain collared shirt. Try it!
  6. I wear my little squares around the neck, tied to a bag as an accent, or as a headband... a few of the longer ones I have I haven't quite figured out how to wear haha... here's a pic of me with a longer silk scarf I posted in the Chanel Forum before (hence my bag :smile:)... my scarf tying skills are nada haha, I just tried to be creative:

    That's probably a more conservative way I'd wear it... I'm sure it would look cute around the neck differently, as a sash/belt, or even in the hair (but not all pirate like haha, more like a long headband). :p
  7. fieryfashionist - cute picture!
    shani - in the hermes subforum there is a thread called
    "Hermes scarf lovers Kama Sutra" - different ways to wear scarves. It might give you some ideas.:yes:
  8. Fold it into halves, a couple of times. and tie it behind your neck to give that "cowboy robber look". Wear it with a white vest top, some skinny jeans and super high heels. I guarantee you'll look great.
  9. That's really well done!
  10. Just a couple of suggestions:

    For the pink and teal, I'd say a gray pencil skirt with a white, fitted button-down blouse tucked in and the scarf knotted around your neck. Another idea is around your neck and paired with a white skirt suit (for summer, more or less).

    For the purple scarf, maybe with jeans and a dark colored sweater, one end just flung across your shoulder.

    Hope this helped!
  11. Purple I would do as a headband/ponytail wrap with any neutral shade. I love the headband/ballet flats/satchel look.

    The pink and teal scarf I woud wear as a head wrap with a black or white top, jeans, big sunnies and a big slouchy bag.

    I added some pictoral suggestions too. Just for fun :smile:
    scarf.jpg scarf2.jpg
  12. Use Nicole Richie as inspiration. She's a scarf queen!