How do I watermark pictures?

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  1. I am planning to list my MJ stam bag on eBay;I'm very happy because a friend with near 100% feedback will be listing it for me (I have never bought or sold anything on eBay before).

    So I have taken some pictures to send how do I watermark them? I have Adobe Photoshop...what should I click? Which tool do I use? Can I use photoshop for this?

    I have tried it out and was able to type my name across the picture in this a watermark?

    Thank you :smile:
  2. If you were able to type your name across the picture that should do fine. People either do this in a clear font color so that you can see under the writing (true watermark) or you could try to do a similar effect by making it a pastel color.
  3. click on the text tool. it's the one with a capital T and then click anywhere on the photo and start typing.
  4. Thank you...and can I just find a clear font colour in that colour spectrum thingey they have on photoshop?

    (Sorry....missed turn-off to technological highway LOL)
  5. you should be able to play with the opacity, a slidey thing that lets you see thru the text. hope that helps!
  6. What version of PS?
    Elements, etc. . . .
  7. Thanks Peeps!!! I will play with it some more :smile:

    Swankymama I have Adobe photoshop 7.0...that's all it says under "programmes".I think it's pretty standard...I don't work in design or anything;in fact the only thing I do with this programme is resizing and cropping pics :lol: .
  8. While your type/font is highlighted you should be about to adjust that layer. Like Fayden said, there's usually an opacity slider.
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