How do I use Google Checkout instead of Paypal?

  1. Hi - this is likely a repeat post but since Search has been disabled, it's really hard to find the duplicate.

    I hate Paypal and I think it was Twiggers that suggested using Google Checkout instead.

    How do I use Google checkout? I created an account and added my credit card at Google. How do I "collect" money from eBay buyers through the Google Checkout?

  2. You need to send them an invoice every time! I usually only use Google for the bigger ticket items like bags!

    I also put an instruction that says "Wait for my invoice before paying".

    Also, to use Google you'd need to uncheck the option"require immediate payment for BIN"!

    Google is very easy to use. Once you get the email address you just log in to Google, and click "tools" and then on the left it'll have a link for "invoice".

    It sends you a copy of the invoice. You'll get an email when they pay. Log back in and you'll see that you have to manually charge their CC (you can set up the option to atomatically charge). Once it passes security checks you'll see a green light and a button that says "ship".
  3. Awesome! Thanks for the quick reply Twiggers.

    Do I have to supply my Social Security Number with google checkout to increase my payout limit? If I sell a $2000 handbag, I don't want to wait 4 months to receive my money (google said they have a $500 a month limit on payout)

    thanks again!